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When you hear about visiting or living in Berlin, the conversation usually surrounds the underground clubs, techno music, and contemporary art scenes or maybe if you’re a history it’s the dark past of the city.

What you wouldn’t expect is that Berlin’s conscious community is strong, and the endless options for yoga studios in Berlin are proof of this.

Whether you’re living in Berlin or just stopping by, going to a yoga class is a great way to build community and connection to the city.

There’s every style of yoga available, and you’re bound to find a space you connect with since there are over 300 studios in the city.

I’ve rounded up the 8 that I love to narrow down the choices a little easier.

Yoga Now Berlin

This space is in the heart of Meringdam, a cute little corner of Kreuzberg along Viktoria Park.

The studio is the epitome of the conscious experience in Berlin as you walk up a staircase of a seemingly abandoned building with broken windows and graffiti, with taped signs pointing you to the yoga space– once you enter the space the feeling of the grunge is completely gone as you walk into a serene room with a gong hanging from the ceiling, fresh flowers and golden buddha statues on the alter.

They have many offerings from Led Ashtanga-inspired flows, to Jivamukti, Vinyasa flows, Rocket, and Yin. 

Har Studio

Har Studio Berlin is a multifaceted space dedicated to fostering creativity and wellness through practices such as sound healing, yoga, Pilates, and other experiences. Located on Urbanstraße in Kreuzberg, where there’s no shortage of cafes to explore after your class– if you’re a fan of sourdough bread or sweets Albatross is your spot. 

The studio emphasizes promoting health, happiness, and holiness. They offer a range unique classes along side the “normal” yoga flows. Activities like Qi Gong Infused Vinyasa, Inner Expansion – Breathwork paired with Sound Baths which focuse on breath control paired with soothing sound therapy; while they also have traditional “Kundalini” classes for spiritual and physical activation; and various “Vinyasa flows” that focus on movement and breath synchronization.


At ŌHIA yoga Studio in Berlin Mitte, it feels like you truly leave the hustle of a city of 4 million as soon as you step into the immersive sanctuary of peace and self-discovery. 

This modern spirituality center draws inspiration from Bali and Los Angeles to offer a tranquil escape with a variety of classes designed to enhance mind-body connection. 

The studio’s offerings include yoga, meditation, self-love hypnosis, and breathwork, each tailored to nurture self-awareness and inner peace. These sessions are structured to help individuals find harmony within themselves and their environments. 

Original Feelings

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Berlin Kreuzberg, Original Feelings offers a unique space for emotional and spiritual exploration. This holistic well-being studio prioritizes emotional engagement, providing classes in yoga and meditation that encourage participants to interact authentically with their emotions. 

With an ethos centered on genuine emotional expression and transformative experiences, Original Feelings is dedicated to fostering an environment where individuals can embrace and evolve their inner feelings. Their yoga classes are truly unique– with one of their classes being  completely structured around ancient chinese medicine, working with meridians rather that chakras. 

Open Studio

Another great yoga studio in Berlin’s Kreuzberg neighborhood is Open Studio. True to its name, Open Studio prides itself on creating an environment that welcomes and celebrates individuals of all genders, sexual orientations, and ethnic backgrounds.

With a focus on inclusivity, Open Studio offers an eclectic array of wellness classes including yoga, Pilates, dance, and sound therapy. Each session is carefully designed to foster holistic well-being and support a sense of connectedness within a nurturing community setting. This approach makes Open Studio a unique haven for those looking to enrich their physical and emotional well-being through diverse and thoughtful practices.

Mindful Life Berlin

On a picturesque street in Prenzlauer Berg, just a stone throw from Mauer Park, Mindful Life Berlin stands as an oasis of holistic wellness in the city. Founded by Diana, a yoga practitioner of over 15 years, and her partner Danny, the studio blossomed from their shared vision of integrating mindful living with everyday wellness. Officially opening its doors in 2017, since then, Mindful Life Berlin has grown to encompass both the Mindful Life Studio and Deli & Café, creating a comprehensive oasis for health and well-being.

At its core, Mindful Life Berlin is committed to simplicity, quality, transparency, kindness, and fostering a strong community– you’ll always feel welcomed here. The studio offers a diverse array of yoga classes, and other wellness classes like vigorous kickboxing. All classes designed to enhance mental and physical well-being. Adjacent to the studio, the Deli & Café serves a great post-class spot to nourish yourself with a selection of healthy, sustainably-sourced snacks and drinks, emphasizing vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options.

Ashtanga Yoga Shala Berlin

Berlin yoga Studios

For those passionate about traditional Ashtanga Yoga, specifically taught in the Mysore Style, The Ashtanga Yoga Shala Berlin is your space. 

All classes are done Mysore style, this revered method allows students to learn and develop their Ashtanga Yoga practice in a way that is tailored to their individual needs and circumstances.

The Shala provides a nurturing environment where both beginners curious about Ashtanga and seasoned practitioners can delve deeper into their practice. Newcomers receive individualized instruction, helping them to build a solid foundation, while experienced yogis find sensitive and qualified support, enabling them to refine and advance their techniques.

Mindful Life Berlin

Previously known as Jivamukti Yoga Berlin, stands out as one of the city’s favorite yoga destinations. With studios in both Mitte and Kreuzberg, Three Boons Yoga has carved a niche for itself by offering an expansive roster of classes that cater to yogis of all levels. The studio’s transformation from Jivamukti Yoga Berlin has not diminished its spirit or quality; instead, it has broadened its appeal while maintaining its core offerings.

Originally established in 2009 and 2011 respectively, these studios were among the first in Berlin to provide the Jivamukti method—a rigorous form of yoga that integrates the physical, philosophical, and spiritual aspects of the practice. At Three Boons Yoga, this tradition continues with classes that include Vinyasa flows, hands-on adjustments, Pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation, Sanskrit chanting, and philosophical teachings, all set to inspiring music.

What sets Three Boons Yoga apart is its commitment to maintaining the high caliber of its classes and the expertise of its instructors. The teachers at Three Boons are among the best-trained in the industry, making it a great place for both beginners and seasoned practitioners with insightful guidance that deepens their practice and understanding of yoga.

Is there a studio you love that’s not mentioned here? Don’t be shy, leave a comment below to help people find their yoga home in Berlin. 

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