3 Days in Mexico City: The Ultimate Long Weekend

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If you only have 3 Days in Mexico City, you’ve got your work cut out for you! But don’t fret, I’ve compiled the ultimate itinerary that mixes culture, cuisine and some much needed chill time. Covering all the major must do things in Mexico City, in just 3 days. 

Good To Knows

Day 1 of 3 Days in Mexico City

After you’ve gotten all settled into your hotel, it’s time to hit the streets. Since you’ll probably be hungry from traveling, the first thing on our agenda, and maybe the most important in Mexico City is to Eat. 

Now let’s not jump into street tacos just yet- afterall Mexico City is notorious for travelers sickness, and if you get that you can count your 3-day explorations goodbye. Rather, head somewhere tried and tested but still with a unique charm to give you an experience right off the bat. 

Brunch at Canopia

Perfectly situated right next to Parque Mexico, this beautiful establishment is a must-visit for any foodies and culture lovers alike. It’s like stepping into a very chic pre-historic cave. Open all day, with beautiful farm to table recipes. Try the ceremonial cacao, another must-do while in Mexico the homeland of Cacao.

Head to The Anthropological Museum

Next up, head to the Anthropological Museum for a guided tour of one of Mexico City’s most impressive museums. 

A guided tour is essentials because most of the signage is in Spanish, so unless you’re a Spanish speaker you won’t know what you’re looking at. This is the perfect first museum to do because you’ll have a great appreication for the rich history of cultures that have made Mexico City into what it is today.

Stroll Through Chapultepec Park

Before heading to dinner, enjoy Mexico City’s biggest park, Chapultepec. There’s usually markets, and lots of commotion near The Anthropology Museum. If you finished your tour early enough, you might be able to squeeze in the Castle, but if not, it’s ok again all the signage is in Spanish, so a guided tour is better. 

Dinner at Meroma

You’ll quickly come to learn why Meroma is one of the most famous restaurants in Mexico city. From the stunning architecture, to the mouthwatering dishes, it’s a place you’ve gotta try. Head here for dinner, but leave some time to stroll around Roma Norte, the trendy bohemian neighborhood that Meroma calls home.

A Mezcal Night Cap

Mexico City loves it’s Mezcal, and there’s some pretty cool bars serving all sorts of Mezcals, from the super smokey, to smooth and even cacao infused. If you’re the type that likes a little wind down at the end of the night, head to Tlecan for a taste. But don’t stay up too late because tomorrow you’re getting up bright and early.

Day 2 in Mexico City

Today’s going to be the most jam packed day, because well chances are it’s the only full day you have if you’re looking at 3 days in Mexico City. But believe me when I say this day is going to be magical.

Kayaking at Sunrise in Xochimilco

If there’s one thing you should absolutely do on this itinerary it’s get yourself up before the sunrise and head to Xochimilco to kayak at sunrise. It’s a once in a lifetime experience. 

For those unfamiliar, Xochimilco is the area of Mexico City that is canal ways, specifically canals that were orgionally built by the Aztecs when Mexico City was pretty much just a big lake.

Today the area is still revered to be a highly spirtual place and kyaking at dawn amongst the fog is an incredible experience. 

If you absoltuely cannot get up at 5:30 to do this, you can experience it from one of the wooden colorful boats, which is still fun but slightly less magical. I’d recommend booking a tour if you’re doing it this way because otherwise you’ll end up on a boat alone, and this is the type of experience that’s more fun with people.

Chilaquiles at Cafe de Mama

After working up an appetite on the Kayaks, you’ll want to head to the Coyoacan Market, and specifically to Cafe de Mama to enjoy a big ol’ plate of Chilaquiles for breakfast. Cafe de Mama is a local and tourist favorite alike.

You can get your coffee fix and fresh juice to was down your Mexican breakfast, before wandering around the market.

Visit Casa Azul, the Frida Kahlo Museum

Immerse yourself in the world of Frida Kahlo at the Frida Kahlo Museum, also known as Casa Azul, in Coyoacán.

This historic house offers a glimpse into her life, filled with her paintings, personal artifacts, and a beautiful garden.

You need to book an appointment or tour in advance if you simply show up, you will be turned away.

If you want to kill two birds with one stone, there are some great tours that also combine Frida and a walking tour of Coyoacán, or Frida and Xochilmilco.

Lunch at Los Danzantes

For lunch, visit Los Danzantes, one of the best restaurants in Mexico City, conveniently located in Coyoacán.

They do traditional Mexican cuisine with a contemporary twist in a stunning setting. They grow most of their food in their garden in Xochilmilco. If you’re vegetarian or vegan, don’t worry they have you covered with delicious options. 

Afternoon to Shop or treat yourself to some wellness activities

After a pretty full morning of your day 2 of 3 days in Mexico City, you’re probably going to need some chill time. Take the afternoon to leisurely stroll stopping in the numerous independent stores or galleries in Mexico City. Or make your way to a spa or wellness center for a little R&R.

An Evening at Lucha Libre

No trip to Mexico city is complete without going to Lucha Libre. Mexico’s famous wrestling. Head to Arena México for a truly entertaining show, enjoying the vibrant atmosphere and colorful costumes. Don’t forget to try a Michelada while you’re there. 

You can head there on your own, buying tickets at the door, but it can get pretty crazy there, so going with a group is normally easier for those who don’t like to deal with the chaos. The best is this tour with a local who brings you for dinner first at a local taco spot. It’s a great activity to go with a local because you’ll really get a feel for how much Mexicans love Lucha Libre

Day 3

On your last of your 3 days in Mexico City, we’ll be hitting a the famous temples and an arguably even more famous bakery. With a few options for how to spend the afternoon/evening if you don’t have a flight today.

Breakfast at Rosetta

You’ll likely have noticed Rosetta while walking around Roma Norte, it’s hard to miss because there’s always a line of people outside. There’s good reason for that, it’s deemed by the locals as the best bakery in all of Mexico, yes not even just Mexico City, all of Mexico. 

It’s best to go directly in the morning to have your choice of pastry, they sell out quickly. Plus, you’ll likely beat the line. They make great coffee and have a cute little street-side patio where you can indulge in your sweets before heading to our next stop: Teotihuacan.  

Pyramids of Teotihuacan

Next, visit the Pyramids of the Sun and Moon at Teotihuacan. It’s a bit outside the city, so it’s best to book a guide. You could also take an uber, but just be warned that it’s not always easy to get an uber back into the city. 

If you do book a tour, opt for the morning or express tour, because the full day tours tend to be around 8-10 hours which isn’t necessary.

If you’re not on a time crunch with a flight to catch, make a stop at the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, to see the original Guadalupe. 

Lunch Street Tacos

For lunch indulge like the locals do and enjoy the street food! There’s no shortage of incredible street tacos in the city, even for vegans. The hardest decision will be deciding where to go.

If you want to know the best spots, go with a local. If not the best advice I was given, was follow your nose and look for a street vendor with lots of people at it. 

Zócalo and Palacio de Bellas Artes

If you don’t have a flight to catch, make your way to Zócalo, the historic downtown area.

Explore the old town and visit the Palacio de Bellas Artes, an architectural gem and cultural center. Even if you don’t go inside, it’s an incredible building to see, with a beautiful park next to it. Stroll around and soak in the vibrant atmosphere.

Ending the Day on a Rooftop

To end your 3 days in Mexico City, head to one of the many rooftops in the city to overlook the roads that you’ve just conquered. For the best view head to the 41st floor of the Latin American Tower where you’ll find Miralto, a modern dining resturant.  If you’re not hungry, don’t worry, one floor below is the rooftop bar Nivel 40 SkyBar. Its on of the only rooftops with unobstructed views over of the city, including the Zócalo, Reforma, La Basilica de Guadalupe and even Santa Fe.

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