Vintage Stores in Berlin: Thrifting in Mitte & Prenzlauer Berg

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If you’re looking for a thrift store in berlin, Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg are two neighborhoods packed with the best Vintage Stores in Berlin. From brand-named designer-curated neatly in Instagram-worthy stores to thrift stores where the hunt is the fun of it, these are the vintage stores to hit while you’re in the area.

Vintage Revivals

Easily one of the best vintage stores in Berlin on account of price vs. quality matched with creative curation. It’s hard to stop in without finding something— their stores are always perfectly organized so there’s minimal digging involved. The prices are extremely reasonable. I’ve found non-branded things for around 7-14 euros and branded vintage for anywhere from 17-35 euros.

Das Neue Schwarz

If finding designer gems is what you’re after, Das Neue Schwarz in Mitte should be your first stop. It’s not only one of the top Vintage Stores in Berlin, but it’s been awarded as one of the top vintage stores globally.

The place itself is pretty small, but the selection is always top-notch. They have the likes of Jacquemus, Margiela, CDG, and Yamamoto. If you’re not in Berlin don’t worry, they ship worldwide from their online vintage website.


Dear was opened in 2014 by German actress, Inga Birkenfeld. It offers a curated selection of gently worn garments and accessories from mid-range brands to high-end designers.

The two-room Berlin vintage store started with a focus on men’s clothing, but womenswear seems to have taken over the majority of the space. You can find everyday wardrobe staples like Marino wool sweaters, along with the perfect statement party dress hanging on the racks at Dear. It’s rare to find the store empty on a Saturday, so if you want to snag the best pieces it’s best to get there early.

PickNweight Vintage Kilo Sale

If you love the hunt for vintage shopping, PickNWeight is your go-to thrift store in Berlin. They have two Mitte locations and another in Charlottenburg and in Kreuzberg. Everything is priced by weight so if you’re looking for a heavier piece like a leather jacket or thick sweater the prices can add up pretty quickly, but if you’re looking for lighter garments like silk blouses or linen skirts it can be a pretty affordable vintage shop.

Loretta Vintage & Second Hand

Loretta Vintage and Second Hand is a small vintage boutique on one of Berlin’s most picturesque streets, Oderberger Straße. While the store isn’t very big, it makes up for it with a great selection of second-hand and vintage clothing. It has everything from basics to kimonos.

Most of their garments are second-hand rather than vintage so if you’re looking for more contemporary pieces this is a great vintage store to check out. The prices are great. I paid 15 euros for a long silk kimono-style duster that has become a staple in my wardrobe.

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Paul’s Boutique

Also on Oderberger Straße you’ll find one of the locations of Paul’s Vintage Boutique. While the fact that they call themselves a boutique might give you the impression that this is a fancy place— it’s far from it.

This place has racks and racks of vintage pieces that are primarily from the 80s and 90s. With a great selection of graphic tee, windbreakers, and jean jackets— this Berlin thrift shop is a prime spot for scoring streetwear pieces.

Mankii Vintage

Another incredible Designer Vintage Store in Berlin is Mankii. They have everything from Celine and Gucci to classic Burberry Trenches and Chanel Tweed Suits. You’ll pay a pretty penny for the designer pieces here, but they are all in mint condition plus the in-store experience is nothing short of luxurious. Double check their Instagram for their store hours each week because it doesn’t always stay consistent.

Garments Vintage

Walking into this store feels like you are in Carrie Bradshaw’s closet. If I had an unlimited budget, this is where I’d spend it. Garments Vintage has one of the most impressive and unique collections of designer pieces in Berlin. The store is color coordinated and unlike most of the other places in Berlin they have a huge selection of colors other than black and beige. This store will make you fall in love with fashion a little more and push you to be a little bolder with your style.

Made in Berlin

A true staple in the Berlin Vintage Store scene, Made in Berlin is the perfect balance between the hunt of thrifting and curation that makes it fun to shop. The selection is mostly 80s and definitely has the “cool Berlin style” that is so hard to place. I will say that the prices are a little expensive for what they offer in my opinion, but if you go on Tuesdays at 2 pm they have “happy hour” where everything is 20% off.

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