The Best Yoga Studios in Berlin

When you hear about visiting or living in Berlin, the conversation usually surrounds the underground clubs, techno music, and contemporary art scenes or maybe if

Greenfinch: Vegan Brunch Heaven in Berlin

On a quaint tree-lined, cobblestone street in Bötzowviertel Kiez in Prenzlauer Berg, you’ll find a lovely little vegan brunch spot called Greenfinch.  The 100% vegan

Healthy Cafes in Berlin: Daluma

When you’re looking for a healthy cafe in Berlin, you’ll be overwhelmed with the number of options that arise. There’s definitely no shortage of places

The Best Berlin Vintage Shops in Neukölln

Berlin’s Neukölln neighborhood has staked its claim as the city’s trendiest neighborhood. With that comes a crowd that’s dressed to impress. You might wonder after

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