The Best Berlin Vintage Shops in Neukölln

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Berlin’s Neukölln neighborhood has staked its claim as the city’s trendiest neighborhood. With that comes a crowd that’s dressed to impress. You might wonder after sipping cocktails in a candle-lit bar, Where do all these people shop?

There’s a good chance that they are shopping in the Berlin Vintage Shops. Luckily you’ve already made your way to the perfect neighborhood because Neukölln is crawling with thrift shops. These are the Berlin thrift stores worth stopping by in Neukölln.

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The Vintage Shops:


Located on one of the most happening streets in the city. Nuezwei is a must-visit vintage store in Berlin. Walking by this little shop, you’d think that it’s a trendy boutique, rather than a second-hand store. It’s impeccably curated with a range of true vintage pieces, to previously loved designer goods. Everything feels of the moment and has the Berlin cool-girl vibe.

The prices are a little on the pricey side, definitely not a Berlin thrift store, but for good quality designer goods, it’s pretty reasonable. They also have an e-commerce showcasing some of their best pieces, so you can shop even when you’re away from the German capital.

Lokal Vintage

The mecca of edgy statement pieces, Lokal Vintage is a staple in the Berlin vintage shop scene. If you’re looking for a floor-length leather coat or something to increase your chances of getting into Berghain, Lokal Vintage is your spot. Browsing this store is always an experience, and you truly never know what you’ll find.

If you don’t have room in your suitcase, or you see something you fancy on their Instagram, you can DM them for the price and they will ship it to you, anywhere in the world.

Let Them Eat Cake

Down the street from Neuzwei you’ll find another vintage store worth popping in. (There’s a reason why Weserstraße is known as one of the best streets in berlin after all) Let them eat cake has an incredible selection that fits almost every style.

It’s almost impossible not to find something in this 3-room thrift store. The staff is always friendly, and of course, dressed impeccably. Don’t forget to check out their accessories, I always find the best purses, shoes, and belts at this store.

Chrome Store

Chrome store is another Berlin vintage shop that shouldn’t be missed, especially if you fancy yourself a fashion kid. The curation is extremely well done, with a mix of designer pieces and true vintage.

The feeling is an edgy contemporary that fits well with the Berlin ethos. You never know what you’ll find, from Yeezy to Issey Miyake or a vintage Adidas tracksuit. For the fashion-forward crowd, Chrome Store should be top of the list.

Not Too Sweet

Another Weserstraße staple, Not too sweet is a berlin vintage store that I try to stop in regularly. Their selection is the type of vintage I love to wear on a daily basis, knit sweaters, buttery leather jackets, and the perfect summer slip dresses.

My wallet has taken a beating to this store over the years, but my wardrobe is always happy. If you only have time for a few Berlin vintage shops, I’d highly recommend heading here.


This is a small but mighty vintage shop in Berlin. It’s a little overwhelming at first because the store is packed with things and the space is pretty tight.

However, if you have the patience to navigate your way through it, you can find some real gems here. From a 70s-style jumpsuit to the perfect vintage pullover, or one of the pairs of sneakers from their famous wall of chuck tailors. You really never know what you’ll walk out with from Repeaters.

The Good Store

The Good Store is another Berlin Vintage Shop that could easily be mistaken for a boutique thanks to its clean aesthetic and meticulous curation. The one-room shop is a minimalist’s dream, with everything color coordinated and the garments perfectly spaced out on the racks.

The selection is a mix of second-hand goods and vintage pieces. Everything is tailored to the season and contemporary style. It’s a great place to find quality pieces that will stay in your wardrobe forever.

Ironic Gallery

You could say that I saved the best for last because Ironic Gallery is arguably one of the best vintage shops in Berlin. It’s your classic vintage store that has all sorts of gems hidden in it’s overstuffed racks. From flapper dresses from the roaring 20s to knit varsity sweaters that are very on trend, Ironic Gallery is a destination that you’re going to want to have some time to spend in.

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