The Best Vegan Brunch Places in Berlin’s Neukölln Neighbourhood

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Where’s the best vegan brunch Berlin has to offer?

Ask any foodie that’s spent time in the German capital and they’ll most likely send you to Berlin’s Neukölln neighborhood for the city’s best bites.

What they might not tell you is that it has some of the best vegan brunch spots in Berlin.

While they aren’t many 100% vegan brunch spots (two made this list) the non-vegan places don’t skimp on the vegan options, going way past the typical avo-toast vegan breakfast plate.

From vegan greek food to a vegan petit-déjeuner, in Neukölln vegans never go hungry.

Not in Neukölln and don’t want to shlep your way over there? No prob! Checkout the Vegan Brunch in Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg or Kreuzberg.

Sfera Berlin (100% Plant based)

New to the scene this cozy spot takes vegan brunch to another level of gastronomic delight. Their vegan french toast with almond cream. buckwheat crumble and sage brings flavors and textures that I thought I’d never taste again as a vegan. For those looking for a savory start, the young potato salad blends flavors like dill with nori to make a truly unique, yet mouth watering toast that will make you want to actually lick the plate clean.

Sfera Berlin

Pêle-Mêle (100% Vegan Cafe)

Pêle-Mêle is a 100% vegan cafe in Berlin that makes everything fresh in-house, including some of the best vegan brunch Berlin has. The name is french, but the food they serve is inspired by many different cultures. The real draw to this plant-based eatery is its all-you-can-eat vegan brunch buffet that happens every weekend from 10-2 pm.

For €16 you can devour their scrambled tofu, soups, yummy spreads, other savory delicacies, and of course their cakes. Each week the menu changes a little bit with different surprise plates— so getting sick of this brunch spot is simply not possible.


Vux (100% Vegan Cafe)

While Vux doesn’t do a traditional brunch, it without question makes the list of the best vegan brunch spots Berlin has, because their bagel sandwiches and bao buns are incredible. 

It’s the perfect choice for when you’re not looking for a super heavy or elaborate breakfast. If you just want a small bite before heading out on your day in Berlin I highly recommend heading to Vux. 

If you have a sweet tooth they have you covered with vegan cinnamon rolls, and their vegan cakes might be the best I’ve ever had. (side-note: you can order full vegan cakes from Vux for special events)

Vux also brews some of the best specialty coffee in the neighborhood and is located in one of the cutest areas of Neukölln, near Richardplatz.



Dots isn’t just one of Neukölln’s best brunch spots, it’s one of the best brunch spots in general in all of Berlin.

They have TONS of delicious vegan options, from vegan pancakes to a hummus shakshuka— you won’t be disappointed or leave hungry. The only problem you’ll encounter is trying to decide which option to take. If you’re feeling like doing a boozy-brunch their passionfruit mimosa is absolutely divine, but they also have tons of great juices and smoothies if you’re feeling like keeping it NA. Overall this is a must-go to vegan brunch in Berlin.

This place gets crowded quickly so get there early or plan on waiting a bit for a table. 


Myxa Berlin (Greek Food)

It’s not always easy to do greek-food vegan style, but Myxa sets the standard high. The vegan breakfast plate (called ready spready go) is divine and you can’t go wrong having it— however, the real stars of the show are the vegan Spanakoryzo and the vegan Gemista.

I am always in an internal dilemma trying to decide between the two, but the Gemista normally comes out on top because I am a sucker for stuffed anything.

Do note that you need to ask for the vegan version because it’s not a 100% vegan cafe, however, everything is clearly marked on their menu.



When I don’t want to fuss with fighting for a table or stuffing myself to the brim with a huge brunch, The Croissanterie on Pannierstraße is my go-to vegan breakfast spot. They not only have a selection of vegan croissants (my favorite is filled with elderberry jam) but they also have pre-made crossiant sandwiches, two of which are vegan.

The place is tiny, so if it’s full I take my goodies to go and walk down to the canal to eat by the water.


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