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Vegan Food in Mexico City

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The variety and abundance of vegan food in Mexico City might come as a surprise to most, but vegan food has been a part of the Mexican culture since the Aztecs and Myans, although I don’t suspect that they were using that exact wording.

The Aztecs ingeniously cultivated floating gardens, known as Chinampas, on the lake that once occupied the area where Mexico City now stands, to cultivate a diverse range of vegetables.

Today, Mexico City continues to honor these traditions, with numerous eateries growing their own produce in urban gardens.

Its reputation as one of the world’s culinary capitals is well-deserved. The city caters to all dietary preferences, ensuring that plant-based eaters are not left wanting.

The vegan fare in Mexico City ranks among the finest I’ve tasted globally. Options range from high-end dining experiences to street vendors offering entirely plant-based fare. 

After a seven-week stay in the city, I’ve discovered the top plant-based dining spots:

If you’re looking for a unique vegan excursion, consider the vegan/vegetarian street food tour. Also all the restaurants listed on the Mexico City Restaurant Guide are vegan-friendly. 

Vegan Street Food in Mexico City

Part of the experience of being in Mexico City is bullying up to the street vendors to get your hands messy eating tender, juicy tacos.

Luckily for us herbivores, there’s no shortage of places to get some plant-based tacos on the streets of Mexico City. These are the must-try spots:

Sin Pecado/ Paxil

These two side-by-side vegan street carts are an absolute must for a quick taco lunch while exploring Roma. The tacos are loosely based on favorite fish taco offerings, but even if you’re not after the taste of fish, this place will have something for you.

A fair warning that the tacos are huge, so don’t make the mistake I did the first time I went by ordering three tacos and a vegan ceviche tostada- needless to say struggled through finishing.


Where Roma Norte meets Colonia Juárez, there’s a food cart that always has buzz around it. It’s Gatorta, where your only problem is going to be deciding between an incredible plant-based Torta (sandwich) or their mouthwatering tacos, which if you’re asking me the Chorizo Taco is the clear winner. If you like spice, be sure to lather on their habanero salsa before diving it.

Maria Bonita Vegana

Maria Bonita Vegana is a beloved food truck renowned for its delicious and budget-friendly lunch specials. Offering a rotating menu of the day, patrons can enjoy a main dish, a side (often a soup), a salad, and a small drink all for 80 pesos.

For those seeking variety, Maria Bonita Vegana also features a solid regular menu, featuring items like burritos and tortas filled with alt-meat substitutes – the milanesa comes highly recommended. If you’re in the mood for something different, the food truck also offers vegan hamburgers and hot dogs.

Por Siempre

Por Siempre is a staple in the street taco scene, vegan or not. Their cult follow has grown so much since their founding in 2014 that they had to open a second location to feed the demand. Needless to say it’s a must-go-to place for vegan food in Mexico City.

If you’re after a Pastor Taco, this is the place to do it. You’re getting the authentic experience with a gritty, greasy taco loaded with the fixings, while crammed on a stool with locals and tourists alike all enjoying their veggie tacos. They have both a street car and a restaurant, you can’t go wrong with either.

Taco Santos

This one isn’t a street cart, but rather a taqueria serving straight of a small street-level kitchen with a counter in their doorway. They have about five tables outside their kitchen on the street and serve margaritas or mezcalitias (mezcal margaritas).

Their chorizo nachos may have screamed “gringa” but they were insanely good, so there’s no shame. The vegan birra taco is another must-try. When you finish, head to Cafe Nadie across the street. Which is a cafe by day and a cool listening bar by night that draws an artsy crowd who comes to hear the DJ spinning vinyls, while drinking craft cocktails.

Vegan Restaurants Mexico City

Gracias Madres

This gem of a spot is a place that you’re going to want to return to time and time again to continue trying new things. While it’s a taqueria, they have an extensive menu with Mexican classics from quesadillas to taquitos, along with their list of tacos. However, what stole my heart was the pumpkin enchiladas which came highly recommended by my server. They were lick the plate good.

Pan Comido

This spot isn’t 100% vegan, but it’s all veggie with the option of making most of it vegan and was too good to be left off the list for a small detail like that. They serve all sorts of food here, from Mexican classics, including the best birra taco I’ve ever had to an insanely good mushroom burger. It’s a place you can count on always being able to find something, regardless of what you’re in the mood for.

La Pitahaya Vegana

Famous for its pretty pink tacos, this place doesn’t disappoint. The restaurant wanted to make use of the local dragon fruit and decided to put it in their tortillas, which gives the tacos their iconic pink look, but it’s not just about looks, everything on their menu is delicious- and if you’re going to get the nachos, splurge and get the vegan chickpea chorizo on top, you won’t regret it.


Vegamo is a must go to restaurant in Mexico City. While it’s 100% vegan, it is dedicated to satisfying all cravings, catering to vegans, vegetarians, gluten-free, and dairy-free folks with their unique “gordivegano” or “fatty vegan” concept.

They have Mexican and international comfort dishes like flavorful chilaquiles, delicious empanadas, and a mouthwatering barbecue burrito filled with crispy cauliflower and sweet plantains. For breakfast, their tofu scramble sandwich with guacamole and rice paper bacon is a winner.

Their pantry offers a variety of options from potato and carrot-based cheeses to faux chicken, tofu, chickpeas, and cashews. While they embrace the gordivegano lifestyle, they also serve healthy options, my favorite being the vegan kale Caesar salad.

Forever Vegano

Housed in a gorgeous Art Nuevo mansion, this is a must-visit for any architecture lovers. It is a great brunch/lunch spot for a start to your day in Roma Norte.

Breakfast options include waffles, pancakes, and french toast, while lunch has a nice variety of Mexican dishes like their incredible crispy cauliflower tacos. This is a must-visit vegan restaurant in CDMX.

El Mundo

If you’re over street tacos and you’re looking for something a little more fancy, El Mundo is your spot. The restaurant is beautifully decorated and the last room of the restaurant is actually in an enclosed courtyard.

Standout dishes include the Oaxacan pellizcadas and the renowned tar tar watermelon, but what sets El Mundo apart is its innovative approach to mixology, where guests select their cocktails based on Tarot card readings, adding an element of surprise to the dining experience.

Ojo de Maíz

This is a great spot to grab some organic vegan food in Mexico city, nestled along a bend in Amsterdam Avenue, which encircles Parque Mexico, it’s easy to miss but you shouldn’t. The tacos are spicy, and the guacamole comes with pomegranate seeds and vegan cheese, which was everything that I didn’t know I needed. 

non-mexican Vegan Restaurants in Mexico city


This gorgeous oasis is a for any vegans who love asian food. They serve a variety of Asaian cousines, from Thai and Vietnamese to Indian and Napelese. The space is gorgeously decorated with a huge Thai Buddah status as the center piece. If you’ve had enough tacos, give this place a go.


Normally, vegan pizza doesn’t make the list because well let’s face it, most vegan cheeses are subpar. however, this is probably the most famous vegan pizza joint in Mexico City and it’s for good reason.

This 100% vegan pizza place does thin crust pizza that’s simply incredible. Don’t tell any of your Italian friends, but their Hawaiian is the best option on the menu, which comes with mock ham, pineapple, and melty cheese. If that’s not your jam, they have a large menu so everyone is bound to find something they that they like.


This place was recommended by a meat eater, so do with that information what you will- but in our opinion Goy’s hands down has the best burgers in town.

Although the cozy eatery offers a modest menu, what they present is executed with perfection. Our top pick was the “La Poyo,” a crispy chicken burger that is simply divine.

At Goy’s, you can also choose from various fries options to complement your meal, such as tater tots, curly fries, loaded fries, and sweet potato fries. Plus the fluffy “popcorn chicken” is an absolute must try.

Vegan Ramen Mei

If you like Ramen, then you absolutely must go here. There vegan ramen just might be the best I’ve ever had, they have a multitude of ramens to choose from, but the Hakata Red Tonkotsu was my favorite. If you’re a fan of orange chicken, get that as your appetizer, it’s so good that it took a friend ordering it twice before he realized it was vegan, yes it’s that good.

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