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If you deem yourself a fashionista, shopping in Florence is an experience that must be had while in the Tuscan Capital.

It’s no secret that Italians love their style, and florentines are no exception. While most people think Italy’s top shopping city is Milan, Florence can easily make it to the top of the world’s best shopping list. After all, Florence is the home city of some of Fashion’s most iconic names, I’m looking at you Gucci.

While there’s no shortage of the luxury and fast fashion stores you can find worldwide, the smaller boutiques and concept stores give the locals their stylish edge— they really know the power that slow fashion can have for cultivating unique style. Here are the top stores where locals go shopping in Florence:

It should be mentioned that the locals also love to shop at vintage stores and meander through the markets to find unique pieces, so don’t forget to check those out as well.


If you want to know what’s trendy in Florentine fashion, which tends to be ahead of the curve, head directly to Bjork. This tiny concept store is tucked between Santo Spirito and Piazza Della Passera (Which has some of the best restaurants in Florence).

The shop opened in 2013 and quickly became the fashion crowd’s go-to spot. With an assortment of women’s and men’s collections from a variety of brands, both independent and known (Think Off-White, House of Sunny, Base Range, etc.) Along with a selection of local artisanal made jewelry, novelty goods, and stacks of fashion magazines and publications.

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Boutique Nadine

Half boutique half vintage store, Boutique Nadine is a name every Florentine knows. This river-side shop boasts a collection of romantic and feminine womenswear from independent designers. Located a stone’s throw from the Ponte Vecchio you won’t have to wander from the beaten path to stop for a peek at what they have in stock.

You’ll likely find a selection of silks and cashmere, dainty floral patterns, and timeless wrap dresses. Their selection of jewelry is always perfectly curated, with bespoke vintage pieces along with handcrafted classics. It’s always worth a peek in when you’re passing by.

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Mio Concept Store

If you fancy yourself a conscious traveler, who wants to buy something that supports local artisans as your souvenir, head to Mio Concept Store. This store-come-gallery is filled with all sorts of goodies that are all handmade locally. There’s not much in terms of clothing in the store, but the jewelry and accessories can’t be beaten. Plus there are tons of local art for sale, even if you’re not into buying art is fun to look at.

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Ottod’Ame Firenze

One of Italy’s most prized independent brands that uphold the traditions of made-in-Italy tailoring, Ottod’Ame was born in Florence in 2004. Today there are other locations in Verona and Milan, but the Florence Location is the one that shouldn’t be missed.

Located right in the historical center on a picturesque street only two minutes from must-see palazzo Strozzi and Piazza Reppublica. While they are founded on the traditions of Italian craftsmanship the collections of womenswear garments are always made with a fresh and contemporary style.

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Lusia Via Roma

This Florinetine-founded store has become a world-renowned name synonymous with contemporary fashion is Lusia Via Roma. Lusia Via Roma is a concept store that can’t be missed when you’re walking down Via Roma, one of Florence’s main shopping streets that connects many of Florence’s must-see sights (Think Duomo, Piazza Repubblica, Ponte Vecchio, and one street down from Piazza Della Signoria).

Their entire storefront is a digital art exhibition space that creates a stark contrast from the surrounding renaissance architecture. Inside they carry a selection of the top luxury fashion brand’s latest collections— and on the top floor, you’ll find cafe Flor a health-food cafe that is perfect for a little mid-shopping pick-me-up matcha latte.

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Flow Store

Flow is set in a thirteenth-century building on Via Vecchietti, it’s a beautiful open space with exposed brick archways, and boldly printed furniture. The store is filled with international brands of menswear and womenswear, alongside imported books and magazines. It’s a destination for anyone serious about style— they have everything from jeans and t-shirts to fashion-forward coordinated sets and suits. The staff is wonderful, always extremely helpful and welcoming.

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Nokike Atelier

Run by Turin native, Herika, who gave up her career in web development to work with her hands. She makes bespoke handmade jewelry mostly from foraged metals. The Atelier has morphed from a small workshop to a concept store that offers Herika’s creations alongside garments from Italian and EU independent designers.

The store is in a former 19th-century butcher shop, you’ll often find Herika working with metals in the back— it’s a super welcoming place, so don’t by shy and walk right in.

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You can’t get far in Italy without coming across a Dixie store. The store, while now a global name, was born in Florence. The city has four different locations. The store is the epitome of Italian cool girl style, where more is more.  Their style is refined and retro-inspired garments with an ultra-feminine look. 

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