Casa Mandarine Mexico City’s Haven of Slow Fashion

Casa Mandarine
Zamora 80, Colonia Condesa

Monday-Friday 11am-7pm

Saturday & Sunday 11am-5pm


Tucked in the bohemian heart of Mexico City’s Colonia Condesa, Casa Mandarine is a relatively new neighborhood gem that’s quickly made a name for itself (and is even opening a second location very soon). It’s not your average boutique; it’s a destination for fashion-forward handmade pieces and accessories, all created by talented independent designers from Mexico and Latin America.

Located on a quiet street, Casa Mandarine is a vibrant oasis where you truly feel the local artistry come to life. Every corner of this boutique is infused with the spirit of creativity. From elegant dresses to avant-garde jewelry, and homeware each piece is carefully chosen to showcase the diversity and ingenuity of Mexico’s fashion scene.

Casa Mandarine

The art of storytelling is at the core of what this boutique offers. It goes beyond the ordinary, showcasing handcrafted items that are more than just possessions. They are vessels of joyful moments waiting to happen. Each piece, whether it’s a cozy knit maxi dress or a sleek ceramic espresso cup, has its own story to tell. These are traditional masterpieces infused with a modern touch, created by skilled artisans. Imagine yourself wrapped in these wearable stories, where every thread and glaze represents the artisan’s journey, turning everyday moments into chapters of a unique and personal saga.

Casa Mandarine
Casa Mandarine

Behind this haven of style is Vero, co-founder alongside her partner Alban. Vero, a globe-trotter who lived in Barcelona and Berlin, has infused Casa Mandarine with her creative and adventurous spirit. She Uses her exquisite eye to meticulously curate each designer featured in Casa Mandarine, ensuring that they are not only talented but also commit to crafting their pieces by hand in a socially responsible manner. This attention to detail guarantees both the quality and uniqueness of every item, making it truly special.

Casa Mandarine

Casa Mandarin is the place to find the perfect keepsake—a piece that does more than rest on your shelf; but that it adorns you, and your life with memories. More than a mere trinket from travels; you’ll find a handcrafted tangible slice of the city’s soul.

So, imagine slipping on that delicate, handcrafted bracelet or that vibrant, woven scarf. Each time you do, a rush of joyous recollections flood back—the colors, the aromas, the rhythm of Mexico City. Wear it and smile, for in that moment, no matter where you are, you’ll carry with you the essence of Casa Mandarine and the indelible mark of your Mexican adventures.

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