Finding Online Balance – Practicing Digital Wellness to Improve Well-being

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If you’re reading this, you have a relationship with technology. Whether it’s a healthy one, or not, it’s a part of your life, and for better or worse it affects your well-being.

What is Digital Wellness?

The concept of digital wellness refers to the pursuit of this balance and the overall health of an individual’s relationship with technology. It involves the conscious use of technology to enhance the quality of one’s life, rather than letting it control or negatively impact it. 

In the digital era, technology has become an integral part of our lives, and it is important to consider its role in our overall well-being. That’s why digital wellness is crucial – it helps us maintain a healthy relationship with technology and prevent it from being detrimental to our mental and physical health.

Digital Wellness and Conscious Living

Digital health and wellness are closely related to conscious living – being mindful and aware of the choices and actions one takes in daily life. This includes making choices that are healthy and nourishing for the mind, body, and spirit, and being aware of the impact these choices have on the environment and others. 

In the context of digital wellness, conscious living involves being aware of the impact that technology has on our lives and making conscious choices to use it in a healthy, enriching, and sustainable way.

Improving Digital Wellness

So how do we practice digital wellness? Well, it starts with understanding this – digital wellness does not imply that technology is inherently a bad thing for your life.

Yes, the constant notifications, alerts, and stimuli from our devices can be overwhelming and contribute to feelings of stress and anxiety. In some cases, especially in a professional setting, it can lead to burnout. 

But on the other hand, when used mindfully, technology can also have many positive benefits, such as helping us stay connected with loved ones, access information, and complete tasks more efficiently. Learning how to find this equilibrium is different for everybody, but finding your sweet spot can start with simple practices.

Tips for improving your digital wellness:

Set limits on screen time:

Establish designated times to unplug and take breaks from screens. Ironically, setting time windows in your online calendar for specific tasks and activities can help you manage your screen time more consciously.

Time flies when we’re on the phone. Using your digital time mindfully can unlock a newfound appreciation for it. And guess what – the less you use technology, the more productive and diligent your time with it will be when you do.

Be mindful of the content you consume:

Be selective about online content and make sure it is uplifting and nourishing rather than harmful.

Attention span in the digital age is shorter than ever, and internet addiction may damage our physical and mental well-being.

In practice, we can choose to use our devices for information, practical guides, and even immersive gaming experiences with enriching stories. 

Practice good digital hygiene:

Make sure to regularly update your software and security settings, and be cautious about sharing personal information online.

Take breaks from social media:

Social media can be a great way to stay connected with loved ones, but it can also be a source of stress and comparison. Comparison is natural and we’re not immune to it.

Consider taking regular retreats from social media to give yourself a break from the constant stream of information and notifications.

Seek out balance:

Find ways to incorporate technology into your life in a balanced way, rather than letting it consume all of your time and attention. In addition to setting boundaries around the use of technology, you can find ways to use it in a way that enhances your well-being.

This might mean joining online communities, finding real-life events to attend, following guided meditations, listening to podcasts while commuting, and so much more.

However, proactivity is chief. Spending time online without a purpose, usually begins to spiral.

Bonus tip: Reduce multitasking. A billion open tabs might make you feel like a hacker, but it takes a toll on your brain. Focusing on one thing will allow you to do it better and more efficiently. Doing it all at once will leave you exhausted and prone to the infamous “doom scroll.”

Why Digital Wellness is Important

Improving your digital wellness and habits can have many benefits, including reducing stress and anxiety, improving sleep, and fostering a sense of balance and well-being in your life.

By being mindful of your relationship with technology and making conscious choices to use it in a healthy way, you can enhance your digital and overall well-being and live a more fulfilling and aligned life.

Don’t feel pressured to go off-grid. Many of us work digitally, and some could even benefit from exposure to new enlightening ideas and connections. 

At the end of the day, we all have different priorities and needs, and this extends to our digital use of our digital time and attention. Experimenting and finding new ways to consciously utilize our devices, while cherishing and appreciating their benefits is a road to better digital and subjective well-being. 

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