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◦ What we do

Better Me, Better We

Maia was born from the vision that you can live beautifully without sacrificing your well-being or harming the planet. 

Our purpose is to spark inspiration and empower individuals to embrace a conscious lifestyle that is anything but limiting or mundane.

Instead, we envision it as an expansive, adventurous, and exquisitely beautiful journey.

Maia is your guide on this transformative path, here to illustrate how conscious living can be a harmonious blend of personal growth, conscious choices, and an aesthetically captivating existence. 

Join us in shaping a world where the pursuit of a better me goes hand in hand with creating a better we.

◦ Gabrielle Mastronardo

Wandering Feet & Curious Mind

Hi there! I am Gabrielle, the founder of Maia Conscious Living. Originally, Maia was a space for me to share insights from a decade of global living and my personal journey into conscious living, yoga and holistic wellness.

Now, Maia has evolved into a vibrant community where like-minded individuals explore and embrace their true selves through conscious living practices. I hope you feel at home here. If there’s anything you want to explore through Maia, don’t be shy, send me a message. 

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