The Best Places to Drink Wine in Florence

the best wine bars in florence

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As the vibrant capital of Tuscany, Florence has countless spots to savor a glass of exquisite velvety red or crisp white wine during your visit. However, with so many options available, you might find yourself pondering: which are the best wine bars in Florence?

We’ve curated a selection of Florence’s finest enotecas and vinerias, ranging from trendy natural wine bars with late-night DJ sets to cozy hidden gems offering exquisite Italian wine collections in their rustic cellars.

One thing is certain, there’s a wine bar in Florence for every preference.

the six best wine bars in florence:

Il Santino wine bar

Nestled within a converted wine cellar, Il Santino stands as one of the most locally loved wine bars in Florence. Despite its intimate size, with only four tables and a handful of steel bar stools, securing a spot requires either arriving early or a bit of luck.

Fret not if you find yourself unable to get a seat; simply get your glass of wine and head out to the sidewalk, joining the company of other wine drinkers who spill out onto the pavement every day.

Il Santino, is the little sister to one of Florence’s finest restaurants just a few doors down, so as you can imagine their rotating seasonal menu revivals for a spot in the best places to eat in Florence, even as a wine bar.

They also serve locally sourced “snacks” that come along with your wine. You’ll find a generous choice of 6 white and 6 red wines available by the glass daily, or an extensive selection of bottles to choose from.

Details for Il Santino Wine Bar

Via Santo Spirito, 60/R, 50125 Firenze



This newcomer to the scene has quickly established itself as one of the best wine bars in Florence. Opened in May 2023 by three friends, all of whom are sommeliers. They offer an extensive collection of incredible wines, including a selection of fine wines that you usually can’t find available by the glass, but thanks to their use of a cork tapper, they can offer them by the glass while still preserving freshness.

The space may be small, but it is exquisitely adorned and serves as a charming bookstore featuring art-focused books. Descend into the basement and you’ll discover a wine cellar, where the walls proudly display their extensive collection. What truly sets this place apart, however, is the delightful and knowledgeable owners, who warmly welcome you and share their expertise on every wine.

Vineria Sonora

This quirky spot mixes music and wine, what’s not to love? Moreover, it is proudly one of Florence’s few natural wine bars. Adjacent to the bar, you’ll discover a wine shop that also serves as a record store, conveniently located across the street.

Whether you choose to unwind in one of these two spaces or join the bustling crowd on the street, there’s always a space to have a glass of exquisite wine.

On the weekend you can expect to find a DJ spinning records in the wine shop with people dancing among the bottle-lined walls. The crowd is a vibrant mix of creative locals, expats, and locally-minded tourists. It stays open late, and while it’s great any day of the week it’s a fun place to spend a Friday night.

Enoteca De'Giusti

If you want a more elevated experience, head to Enoteca De’Giusti, just a few blocks from Vineria Sonora, the atmosphere is more refined with white tablecloth services. The wine bar is the sister space to Enoteca Pitti Gola e Cantina, which is an extremely popular wine bar in Florence that is usually too busy to get into without reservation. Unlike its counterpart, Enoteca De’Giusti usually has plenty of space to get in.

The space is elegant yet surprisingly affordable. A glass of Brunello only costs around 10 euros, a pleasant contrast to the usual rates of 20 euros. Both locations also provide the option of wine tastings, where you can taste a variety of flavors and expand your palate.

Details for Enoteca de’Giusti

Via Giuseppe Giusti, 2/r, 50121 Firenze


Fuori Porta

Fuori Porta, meaning “Outside Door,” is exactly that—a charming wine bar located just outside Porta San Miniato. It is the perfect stop on your way up the hill to Piazzale Michelangelo for a breathtaking sunset or to relax in the beautiful Giardini Rose. 

Originally opened in 1987, Fuori Porta aimed to be the go-to place in Florence for wines from the renowned restaurants of Tuscany. While it has now expanded to include a restaurant, the wine list remains the shining star of this establishment.

Enoteca Spontanea

Arguably Florence’s trendiest wine bar at the moment, this spot is another newcomer that has quickly stolen the hearts of locals. The natural wine bar is small but lovely, however, it’s advised to make a reservation to avoid being turned away.  They have an extensive menu of sparkling, red, white, and even orange wines. 

Run by a talented brother and sister duo, who are passionate about creating memorable dining experiences, this charming establishment offers an equally appealing menu of fresh, simple, and locally-minded bites to eat. From mouthwatering farm-to-table dishes to artisanal creations, every bite and sip is exceptional.

Details for Enoteca Spontanea

Via Maggio, 61r, 50125 Firenze


Le Volpi e l’Uva

Located a stone’s throw from Ponte Vecchio, Le Volpi e l’Uva is a charming wine bar that can’t be missed while in Florence. With a strong focus on showcasing vintages from all corners of Italy, the owners have made it their mission to seek out small and lesser-known wine producers. 

When you step into this wine bar, you’ll be taken on a journey through Italy’s diverse wine regions, as you indulge in carefully curated selections that are sure to impress even the most sophisticated wine connoisseurs.

located in a charming, often overlooked piazza, somewhat hidden from the crowds. Inside you’ll be greeted by floor-to-ceiling shelves adorned with an impressive collection of bottles. There’s a small terrace on the little square used when weather permits.

La casa del vino

Casa del Vino, is hidden in plain sight, this small wine bar is smack in the middle of one of the most touristic areas of Florence, the San Lorenzo market. Regardless of how overrun the area is with visitors, locals still make their way to sip wine at the marble counters of Casa Del Vino.

The space is historic, with floor-to-ceiling ornate wooden wine shelves, while at first guess you’d think this space was a converted pharmacy, it’s always been an enoteca with a history of 120 years of selling while.

Today it’s run by a friendly couple, Gianni and Nicoletta, and has an impressive list of vintages that can be had by the bottle, and a different selection available by the glass each night.. It also serves up freshly made panini, crostini, salads, and if you’re hungover, boiled eggs.

The place is a popular spot amongst locals and the small room typically becomes lively with conversations starting at the counter

Formaggioteca & Terrior

Formaggioteca Terroir is a cheese and wine shop located in Florence, Italy. They offer a carefully curated selection of French and Italian cheeses, paired with a range of local and transalpine wines.

Run by an expat couple, Rebecca and Pierre Gouttenoire. Pierre, an experienced French winemaker, brings over 15 years of expertise from various regions of France, while Rebecca, originally from Denmark, has found her culinary calling in Tuscany.

Formaggioteca Terroir has received several prestigious awards and is a destination for cheese and wine enthusiasts. Their focus is on high-quality, artisanal cheeses sourced from exceptional affineurs. The shop is committed to promoting the cultural significance of terroir and slow food principles with a keen dedication to quality and excellence.

Details for formaggioteca & terrior

Via dei Renai, 50125 Firenze

Website  Instagram

Piazza Del Vino

Piazza del Vino is a unique destination for wine enthusiasts, offering a modern ambiance combined with Italian passion.

With an impressive selection of over 20,000 bottles, carefully curated from renowned vineyards across Italy, Piazza del Vino is hands down one of the best wine bars in Florence for connoisseurs. From the rich and robust reds of Tuscany to the delicate and aromatic whites of Piedmont, with every sip you can taste the very essence of Italian winemaking.

While this wine bar is unique in its style with stone walls and exposed staff holding, the real standout feature at the Piazza del Vino restaurant is the “wine fountains” – dispensers that allow guests to sample 36 exceptional wines without altering their flavors. Each guest receives a rechargeable card to enjoy this unique experience. This ensures that exceptional wines are within everyone’s budget.

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