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In a country that runs on espresso, you better bet there’s an abundance of cafes in Florence.

From third-wave coffee shops to river-side cafes to sip an afternoon Aperol Spritz. There’s a cafe in Florence for all hours of the day to thirst any quench— not to mention some delicious sweets waiting to be devoured.

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Santa Rosa Bistro

Santo Rosa Bistro is a full-fledged restaurant come lunch and dinner time, but in the morning and the hours in between meals, it’s the perfect spot to sit and sip.

 It’s easily one of Florence’s cutest cafes, set in a garden along one of the ancient Florentine Walls, with rusty copper lined floor to ceiling windows in the enclosed area, and simple green bistro tables scattered along the patio outside.

While it’s a great place to soak in the sun with cappuccino in hand (or aperol spritz), it’s equally magical when it’s raining. With the bar area being enclosed but with floor-to-ceiling windows, it makes for an extra cozy space to watch the rain come down. 

When you’re here you’ll be surrounded by locals and expats,  many of whom are regular patrons of this gorgeous space. It’s a perfect place to stop by In the afternoon, for a breather from sightseeing, and enjoy an Aperol spritz before heading back out into the city. 


Floret had me hooked when I saw they were making vegan cinnamon rolls. This hidden cafe in Florence is located above the infamous Luisa Via Roma shop. In the summer they open the roof making it a nice little terrace hideaway to enjoy healthy juices, and matcha lattes, or indulge in their incredible vegan sweets.

It’s also a great place to grab a healthy bite in Florence if you’ve overdone it with pasta and pizza. Their menu changes with the season— think umami bowls and salmon filets, all equally delicious as Instagram worthy in presentation.


This florentine cafe is one of my absolute favorites on a warm afternoon. There are two locations, but I prefer the one on the river because you can sit on the wall overlooking the Arno and they will still serve you from the cafe.

While they cover all the bases for the traditional cafe drinks, they’re always making interesting mixes of lemonades, spritz flavors, and juices as their special of the day. You really never know what they will come up with, but somehow it’s always tasty and refreshing.


As the oldest cafe in Florence, I couldn’t leave Gilli off the list. While I would normally advise not to go to any restaurants or cafe located in a touristic piazza, Gilli is the only exception. The sweets are the main draw, aside from the beautiful wooden interiors. They always have a case of a bakery that will soothe any sweet tooth craving, plus for chocolate lovers another case filled with artisanal chocolates.

I rarely sit for table service at Gilli, mostly because I love to take my coffee at the old-school bar, so I can watch the barista in action. When it’s busy, it’s even better with everyone yelling out their coffee orders I always feel like I am in a movie. If you decide to opt for table service, just be warned that the prices are much higher than the porta via (to go) price.

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Coffee Mantra

If you’re looking for a good third-wave coffee shop in Florence, Coffee Mantra is your spot. Located in the San’Ambrigio neighbourhood behind Santa Croce, this little cafe is serving up some of the city’s best espresso.

The place isn’t exactly spacious so it’s not the type of place to go with your laptop and camp out all day, but rather a place to stop at and fuel up before heading to the Florence antique market around the corner.

Ditta Artiginale

If you are looking for a spot where you can enjoy a good cappuccino or cortado while working on your laptop for a couple of hours you can head to one of the 3 locations of Ditta Artiginale. This work-friendly cafe in Florence has become a staple for the digital nomad crowd calling Florence home.

Aside from their craft coffee selection, they also have a menu of delicious meals including everything from brunch options to burgers. If you’re looking for a good vegan croissant, this is the place to find it— but they go quick so get there early.


This is the type of place where you go for the cinnamon rolls and stay for the beautiful ambiance. It’s an Aussie-inspired cafe that is known for its killer brunch offerings. They even serve Australian favorite, vegemite. I do not however recommend it— wasn’t a flavor that I fancied.

While the weekends can be pretty packed, during the week this river-side cafe is a great spot to head with a book, or with your laptop to get some work done. It’s also the only cafe in the city that uses Barista Oatly to make their oat cappuccinos, so if you’re a fan this is where to find it.

Le Vespe

Another popular name on the Florence brunch circuit is Le Vespe. It’s extremely popular with study-abroad students who are craving a hearty stack of pancakes or an eggs benny after a night exploring the nightlife of Florence.

I would suggest going on a weekday when there’s not a crowd of hungover 19-year-olds, although it can be quite fun to eavesdrop on how their cultural experience is panning out— I am always shocked to find that The Red Garter is still exactly the same as when I was the 19-year-old in Florence for the first time.

La Ménagère

Last but most certainly not least is La Ménagère, this concept cafe, meets flower shop, meets bar, meets fine-dining restaurant is one of the most unique destinations in Florence. It was just recently renovated during the pandemic to give it a facelift, even though it was already beautiful, but now it feels like you’re inside Vogue Living Campaign.

They have a great brunch menu, but it’s also a nice cafe to sit and have a coffee or a cup of tea. It’s laptop friendly if you can find a spot. The place is always busy—but that’s to be expected with it’s central location, amazing food and drinks and next level decor.

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