4 Beliefs Keeping You Stuck in a Scarcity Mindset

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We all want to cultivate an abundant mindset and life, but some of us might be feeling stuck. I’ve found that there are 4 common underlying beliefs that are keeping people stuck in their scarcity mindset.

Before I jump into each of these beliefs let’s just clarify two things:

What is Scarcity? What is Abundance?

Scarcity is a fear of never having enough, belief that the availability of something is limited, and that there is a shortage.

Basically thinking that if someone else has it, that we can’t and that if something is gone, you can never have it again.

Some examples of this could be that if someone else is already doing your dream job you can’t have the same success.

On the flip side, Abundance means that there is a very large quantity of something — or a limitless supply of something.

It means that there is always enough, and always will be. Trusting that you are being taken care of.

In society, we talk about abundance being synonymous with wealth but it can mean so much more than that. Love, friendships, joy, and so on.

Now take a moment and think about which one you are living in. Not sure? Let’s look at the 4 beliefs and see if they are keeping you stuck.

You can also read this article on How Your Scarcity Mindset is Holding You Back to identify if you’re living in scarcity and how to move into abundance if you are.

Belief 1: “Money is hard to make”

This is a very common belief, especially among people who have never been exposed to wealth. When we have never seen something, it’s hard to understand how it happens, we can’t fully comprehend it because it’s not in our reality, so we condition our mind to think that it is difficult.

Now you might not be saying “Money is hard to make” word for word, it can also look or feel like:

  • Asking yourself why it’s easy for others and difficult for yourself

  • Success only happens to lucky people or people with better opportunities.

  • Success isn’t for you

We all know someone (or maybe it’s yourself) where it seems everything comes easy or effortlessly works out for them. These people are living in an abundance mindset, they are trusting and staying open to opportunities that come to them.

That’s key, they are open to the opportunities that come their way. When we are focused on what’s wrong, or what we lack, we are too preoccupied to be open and acting on our own success.

There is so much beyond our current reality, and if we know about it we can make it happen for ourselves.

Start by asking yourself:

  • Am I making it easy as possible to receive?

  • What would it look like if it was easy?

  • What would it feel like if money flows with ease?

Belief 2: I never have enough time, I am too busy

Abundance is how you choose to spend your time. Spending your time should be done with as much care as you do with money. Think about it, we can always make more money, but we cannot make more time. Time is the ultimate currency. It is the most precious resource that we have in our life.

If you catch yourself saying you are “too busy” or “I don’t have enough time” you are in a scarcity mindset.

Why do we feel this? Well because we aren’t honoring our most precious resource, so are in a state of conflict.

Rather say: I fill my life with who and what I truly value and cherish. Then back it up with action. Think with the care that you do when you spend your money on how you spend your time. That means who you spend your time with, and what you spend your time doing.

Do the people you hang out with lift you up, giving you more positive energy? or do they drain you? What is your intention of hanging out with them?

How much time do you spend scrolling on social media? Why are you scrolling? What’s the intention behind it?

Are you binging Netflix? What are you watching? Why are you watching it?

Adding mindfulness to how you spend your time isn’t about feeling guilty for spending your time leisurely, it’s about knowing why you’re doing it and what it’s telling your subconscious.

It’s a lot different to scroll through social media if you follow people who inspire you and your goal is to connect with them, than if you follow people who make you feel guilty or jealous. One is lifting you up, while the other is tearing you down.

Belief 3: I don’t have the luxury to take a break

It’s more than money and time. It’s also about pleasure. Pleasure and luxury go hand in hand. It is a surplus, which is an abundance practice.

If you say “I don’t have the luxury” you’re saying that you don’t have abundance.

This is what you’re telling your subconscious. That you want to struggle, that you don’t want to live comfortably, or to take a breather.

If you do want abundance, you need to shift your mindset to that you do need to take breaks to replenish yourself on the way to fulfilling your highest potential.

We can see this in the world right now with the rise of burnout. We think that if we want to be successful we need to be on nonstop, but that means we are in fear that if we take a break we won’t find success.

Try these mantras to rewire your mindset for abundance:

  • Rest is necessary and wonderful

  • I am necessary and I am wonderful

  • Rest is not only practical but essential to my deliciousness of life

Belief 4: I hope this problem just disappears

This might be the most common and most detrimental.

It’s avoidance or ignorance.

For us spiritually inclined people that can even mean thinking “The universe will take care of me”

This is a lack of accountability for our actions and their relationship with the universe.

While we need to trust that we are receiving guidance, we also need to realize that we are co-creators in our universe.

Let me be clear, that the universe does have our back, but we have to show up too. We are co-creators, it’s a two-way street.

Ignoring a problem will never make it go away.

What does it look or feel like?

  • Not looking at your bank statements

  • Avoiding your bills, not opening them when they come in the mail

  • Late fee’s that you ignore

  • Avoiding bill collectors

  • Avoiding talks about money

  • Avoiding anything that is discomfort

Basically, it’s avoiding all accountability.

The best way to get out of this is to just take the next step. Action creates clarity. Whatever you are avoiding, just take care of it, and the next steps will unfold to you.

Trust that when you put in the effort you will receive guidance on how to move forward.

Ignorance and avoidance will keep you in the scarcity mindset.

Trust, Act, Receive

Did any of these beliefs resonate with you? It’s ok if they did because the first step to getting to an abundance mindset is finding the discomfort and exposing it. That’s how we can move forward.

Trust that if you act upon the discomfort you will receive guidance to a life of abundance.

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