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The Vintage Stores in Istanbul are abundant, and you don’t have to wander far to find them, especially in Galata. If you find yourself wandering around the winding cobble stoned streets you’ll most likely come across a couple on your own— in the rare case that you don’t, well that’s exactly why we’ve created the Maia Guide to The Vintage Stores of Istanbul’s Galata Neighborhood. 

Don’t forget to head to The Vintage, Antiques and Artisan Shops in Cihangir, and of course don’t miss what Karaköy has to offer. 

Grandma Vintage

One of my favorite vintage stores to visit in Galata. This shop has a great assortment of women’s vintage garments and accessories— from dresses and blouses to tanks and trousers they have everything covered.

I always find something unique here, from leather vests to funky knitwear. It’s the perfect size shop and well-organized. It’s a great store to pop in without feeling overwhelmed. If you need anything, the shopkeepers are always friendly and helpful.

Grandma Vintage

Galataport Vintage

For what they lack in Instagram presence they make up for with a great assortment that is well organized and easy to browse.

The people working here make you want to stop back time and time again because they are so friendly and accommodating.

I’ve found some of my favorite garments here. If you’re in Istanbul in the colder months, this place always has super cool jackets.

Galataport Vintage

Wonder-Fu Vintage

If you’re looking for what’s trendy, head to Wonder-Fu (directly across the street from Galataport Vintage). This tiny store is usually playing the latest Turkish Rap and is filled with street-wear gems.

I found a pair of dual-tone jeans that I loved there, but unfortunately, they were a little too big for me— yes I still think about them.

Madam Mare

This cute little shop is right around the corner from the Galata Tower. It has a great mix of vintage garments and new things. This is definitely a store for channeling your inner “that girl.”

They always have the cutest vintage dresses, think 1960s shift dresses and 90s button-down dresses. Fun patterned button-downs and vintage t-shirts. Not to mention their accessories, one wall of the shop is completely dedicated to funky sunglasses.

Madam Mare


If you love vintage jackets, sweaters or button-downs Rampada is for you. The men’s jacket selection is truly unmatched. From fridge leather to plush pullovers you’ll find something for almost every taste.

They have two locations located just around the corner from each other, so make sure to check out both.

Rampada Vintage


This vintage shop is quite literally underground. As you go down the stairs you’ll emerge in a room lined with vintage sunglasses and a wooden table that hold artisanal metal-worked jewelry.

As you go further into the store you’ll find an impressive collection of kimonos, sweaters, t-shirts, flannels, and patterned short-sleeved button-downs.

However, the real show stoppers are the unique leather jackets, think vintage Harley Davidson embroidered moto jackets.

Underground Vintage

Public Vintage

A couple of doors down from Underground vintage you’ll find Public Vintage. This two-floor vintage wonderland is the self-declared Queen of Vintage.

If you’re looking for a vintage designer trench you’ll surely find one here. From Burberry to Boss they have a wide array to choose from.

It’s my favorite vintage store for accessories. They have incredible purses and an extensive collection of costume jewelry.

Public Vintage

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