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Hikes in Florianopolis Brazil

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With its perfect blend of lush tropical forests, crystalline lagoons, and idyllic beaches, Florianopolis Brazil provides a dreamlike backdrop for unforgettable hiking adventures.

The hikes in Florianópolis range from tranquil beach walks to challenging mountain treks through lush forests. There is something for all levels— chances are you’ll even see locals hiking in their beloved Havaianas flip-flops. While there are endless trails or “trilhas” to choose from on the island, these are my top 9 favorite hikes in Florianopolis Brazil:

Top Hikes in Florianopolis Brazil:

Trilha Lagoinha do Leste

3 Miles Roundtrip | Moderate

This trail is often described as one of the most beautiful hikes in Florianópolis, and it’s not an exaggeration. the trail leads you to the remote and unspoiled Lagoinha do Leste beach.

The trail winds through the lush Atlantic rainforest, offering glimpses of the rugged coastline and endless ocean as you ascend. On your way, you’ll experience the diverse flora and fauna and if you’re lucky the monkeys that call this forest home.

As you approach Lagoinha do Leste, the forest will give way to breathtaking views: a pristine sandy beach nestled between the forest and the sea, with a beautiful freshwater lagoon sitting behind it.

The isolation of this beach gives it a peaceful, untouched atmosphere that is truly special. There are a few beach bars, but it’s good to be prepared with your own snacks and water as well, plus be ready to carry out any trash you create to maintain the purity of this extraordinary location.

Costa da Lagoa Trail

4.6 miles | Moderate

A charming trail that not only offers captivating natural beauty, but also provides a unique cultural experience, the Costa da Lagoa Trail is a must-do hike when in Florianópolis.

Starting from the village of Lagoa da Conceição, the hike meanders around the eastern coast of the Lagoa da Conceição lake, taking you through thick Atlantic rainforest, past hidden waterfalls, and by traditional Azorean villages, many of which are only accessible by foot or boat.

The trail is well-maintained and marked—you’ll get stunning views of the lagoon as you traverse the jungle, and you might even catch a glimpse of capuchin monkeys playing in the treetops or herons gracefully swooping over the water.

What makes this trail stand out, however, are the small settlements and traditional restaurants (locally known as “ranchos”) you’ll encounter along the way.

Here, you can taste the local Azorean cuisine, primarily based on fresh seafood, and interact with the local community, many of whom still live the same way their ancestors did centuries ago.

The Costa da Lagoa Trail offers an enriching journey into both the natural beauty and cultural heritage of Florianópolis.

Don’t forget to take a refreshing dip in one of the waterfalls, and be sure to leave some time to enjoy a meal at one of the traditional restaurants. This trail is a memorable experience that will make your trip to Florianópolis truly special.

Trilha do Morro das Aranhas

1.5 miles | Difficult

Taking its name from the ‘Spider Hill’ it ascends, the Trilha do Morro das Aranhas is a challenging yet rewarding hiking trail located in the north of Florianópolis, near the popular beach of Praia do Santinho.

This trail requires a good level of fitness as it involves a steep climb. But the effort is all worth it once you reach the top.

The panoramic view from the peak of Morro das Aranhas is breathtaking – a 360-degree vista showcasing the Atlantic Ocean, the surrounding beaches, and the rolling green landscapes of the island.

Along the route, you’ll hike through the dense Atlantic Forest, a vibrant ecosystem rich in biodiversity.

This trail also boasts archaeological sites with ancient inscriptions on rocks, known as ‘inscrições rupestres,’ dating back thousands of years, adding a historical twist to your hiking adventure.

Trilha da Barra da Lagoa to Galheta

1.8 miles | Moderate

Stretching from Barra da Lagoa to Galheta, this scenic trail offers an immersive experience of the diverse landscapes of Florianópolis. The route is moderately challenging but well worth the effort for the views you’ll have along the way

Beginning at the Barra da Lagoa district, you will first navigate a charming bridge and follow the coastline towards Mole Beach. The sights are dominated by the azure waters of the Atlantic Ocean on one side and lush greenery on the other.

As you proceed, you’ll reach a rocky section. This can be a bit tricky, but it is manageable with good hiking shoes and a bit of caution.

Following this, the trail leads you to the secluded Galheta Beach, a haven for those who love tranquility and natural beauty. This beach is well known as a naturist (nudist) beach, so don’t be surprised by the clothing-optional approach here.

The trail is pretty well-marked, but it’s always wise to have a map or navigation app on hand because sometimes the vegetation overgrows the path.

Trilha da Costa da Lagoa to Canto dos Araças

4.3 Miles | Easy to Moderate

This trail presents a less frequented but incredibly rewarding hiking experience in Florianópolis. It’s a hidden gem offering serine views and encounters with traditional local communities along the way.

Starting from Costa da Lagoa, the trail weaves through the native Atlantic Rainforest, introducing you to the region’s diverse flora and fauna.

The hike is moderately challenging, with some steep inclines and declines, but the awe-inspiring natural vistas make every step worth it.

The path goes through quaint villages where local communities live much as they have for generations, a fascinating glimpse into the traditional lifestyle of the island’s inhabitants.

Small houses, vegetable gardens, and the occasional fisherman add charm to the journey.

Further along, the trail unveils enchanting views of Lagoa da Conceição, a sparkling lagoon that serves as a vibrant hub in Florianópolis.

The trail ends at Canto dos Araças, a peaceful, less-visited corner of the island, pack a snack and enjoy a picnic upon arrival.

Trilha das Piscinas Naturais Barra da Lagoa

1 Mile | Easy to Moderate

This trail is an absolute must-do. It’s a favorite among visitors and locals alike due to the stunning natural swimming pools that wait at the end of the path.

The name of this hike translates to “Trail of the Natural Pools,” and it doesn’t disappoint.

The trail begins at Barra da Lagoa, a vibrant seaside town known for its excellent surf conditions and lively atmosphere.

From here, the route follows the coast, leading you on a scenic journey past pristine beaches and lush coastal vegetation.

Nestled between the ocean and a rocky outcrop, you’ll find tidal pools filled with clear, turquoise water that provides a refreshing place to take a dip after the hike.

Trilha do Gravatá

1.8 miles | Easy to Moderate

Hidden away on the eastern side of the island of Florianópolis, the Trilha do Gravatá is an enchanting trail that offers a slice of tranquility away from the usual tourist hotspots.

This trail weaves its way through the Atlantic Rainforest towards the secluded Gravatá Beach.

Beginning near the small town of Gravatá, the trail stretches about 3 kilometers in total and is rated as a moderate hike due to some steep sections and rough terrains.

However, it’s very much accessible to most hikers, even those with a moderate level of fitness. The path is well-marked and maintained, but wearing good hiking shoes is recommended..

There are also a few lookout points along the way where you can enjoy sweeping views of the coastline and the ocean beyond.

The real highlight, however, is when the trees open up to reveal the secluded Gravatá Beach. With its soft sand, crystal clear waters, and an almost hidden location, it feels like a slice of paradise.

Morro do Lampião

1 mile | Moderate to Difficult

Offering one of the best panoramic views of Florianópolis, Morro do Lampião is a must-hike trail when visiting the island.

Located in the south of the island, the trail takes its name from the “Lampião Hill”, standing like a beacon with its dominating presence.

The trail takes around 30-45 minutes to reach the summit. While it might sound short, the trail is quite steep, providing a good workout. The beginning of the trail is marked by stairs that gradually lead to rougher paths filled with rocks and roots.

It’s recommended to wear sturdy shoes and bring plenty of water. But any huffing and puffing is worth it when you reach the summit.

From there, you can see a 360-degree view of the city, including the breathtaking stretch of the Campeche beach, the coastline extending towards the south, and the massive expanse of the Atlantic Ocean.

Mozambique Beach Trail

5 miles | Easy

For those who enjoy the tranquil sounds of the ocean and soft sand beneath their feet, the Mozambique Beach Trail is the perfect destination. The longest beach on the island of Florianópolis, Mozambique Beach, stretches over 8 kilometers and is bordered by lush vegetation, forming a picturesque trail that captivates with its serene beauty.

One of the most notable features of Mozambique Beach is its untouched and pristine environment. The beach is part of the Rio Vermelho State Park, a protected area that helps preserve the native flora and fauna.

Along the trail, you’ll be treated to the sights of vast, crystal-clear waters meeting the horizon, with the soothing lull of waves crashing. The surrounding vegetation is dense and lush, and you might even spot some local wildlife.

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