5 Ways To Make Your Next Trip Transformational

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In a previous article, I talked about the rise of transformational travel, and how if done correctly, can make you and the world a better place. The great thing about transformational travel is that it’s available to everyone. That’s because it doesn’t rely on a specific destination or retreat, rather it’s about cultivating the ethos.

Now you might be thinking, How do you cultivate this mindset? There’s no set in stone way to go about it, but here are the top five tips for cultivating the transformational travel ethos:

Here are three simple ways to set yourself up for a transformative trip:

1. Eliminate expectations.

When you’re “planning” for something to be life-changing we tend to create expectations. This can set us up for disappointment if things do not pan out the way that we initially wanted them to. When we are fixated on expectations we often miss what is right in front of our faces. This can end lead to missed opportunities for life-altering experiences and connections. As hard as it might be, head out on your journey expecting nothing, giving yourself the space to gain everything.

2. Focus on the Feeling

While you should check your expectations at the door, you should set out on your adventure with an intention. This differs from an expectation because it’s feeling-based. Try asking yourself, “How do I want to feel during and after this trip? This will help you get into the mindset, and allow your subconscious to start connecting you to this feeling throughout your trip. This could simply be “My intention is to feel happiness throughout my trip” or it can be more specific like I want to feel a connection to my spiritual side. These are different from expectations because it is mindset-focused, rather than outcome-driven.

3. Hold Space for Serendipity

Like everything in life, the best things come when you least expect them. Transformative experiences are no exception. It’s easy to get swept up in planning everything that you want to see, do, and taste while you’re on your trip. However, leaving space to let things unfold organically, will allow you to embrace moments of true presence. You’ll be surprised by the experiences that you will find yourself in that weren’t planned.

4. Create Time for Reflection/ Documentation

This is non-negotiable. Creating time for reflection and documentation of what we are feeling is vital for a transformative experience. It’s during this time that we will digest what we are experiencing, allowing it to make a lasting impact on us. Be warned though, even if we go out on an adventure with a journal and the sincere intention to write throughout our trip, unless we set a dedicated time to reflect and document, it’s very tempting to keep putting it off until we are on the plane coming back trying to recall the past days. By then it’s too late to digest the emotions that we had in that moment without clear documentation of how we felt, what moved us.

5. Connect Deeply

Last but not least, make it a purpose to connect deeply throughout your trip. This can mean with people or the community, but it can also mean the sights, the food, the sounds. Allow all of your senses to come alive and guide you through your journey. By making it a full sensual experience you will be truly present throughout your journey.

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