10 Powerful Reasons to Solo Travel This Year

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At this moment, I am writing on the rooftop terrace of my co-living apartment in Mexico City, where I have been enjoying two weeks of solo travel.

There’s a liberating thrill that comes with the decision to pack your bags and set out on a journey with only your own company to rely on. The sensation of stepping off the plane at your destination, realizing it’s just you and the vast unknown world waiting to be explored, is simply indescribable.

Solo travel has come a long way, from a niche passion to a way of travel embraced by more and more people. Sometimes, waiting for friends to join just isn’t an option when you’re itching for new adventures and to explore the world. 

The allure of the unexplored, the readiness to accept the unknown, and the promise of undisputed freedom that solo travel offers can be a life-changing experience for those daring enough to take the leap.

If you’re on the fence, this article aims to have you leaping over it with the incredible aspects of solo travel. If you’ve ever felt the pull of the open road, felt your heart ache with the yearning to see the world through your lens and no other – read on.

Here are 10 reasons why you should indulge in solo travel at least once in your life.

Unrivaled freedom

When you’re venturing the world on your own, every decision is yours to make — from the trivial like what to eat for breakfast, to the monumental like what your next destination will be. The weight of having to satisfy someone else’s interests is lifted, leaving you with the unparalleled freedom to follow the roads that sparked your curiosity.

The midnight trek under a moonlit sky, an impromptu trip to a hidden waterfall, a detour through a bustling local market, or simply dining at the restaurant that caught your eye; every choice is an invitation to live life exactly as you envision it.

Personal Growth

The solo journey is as much an external adventure as it is internal. With every step taken in solitude, you uncover strengths you never knew you possessed. You may find yourself haggling in a foreign tongue, negotiating the wilderness, or simply sitting still in the face of loneliness.

Each of these moments, small or significant, contributes to your personal growth, pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone and fostering a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you.

Opportunity for Self Reflection

In the ebb and flow of foreign landscapes, thoughts that are often drowned out by the noise of daily life rise to the surface. Solo travel provides a rare chance for uninterrupted self-reflection. As you journey, you’ll have the headspace necessary to grapple with life’s complexities.

For some, this clarity brings peace, for others, it sets the stage for a pivot, a new direction. Regardless of the outcome, this deep introspection can be cathartic, leading to personal breakthroughs and a renewed sense of direction.

A Deeper Dive into Culture

Travel is the ultimate teacher. It teaches patience through long solo bus rides, humility by being a grateful guest in a foreign land with different customs, and compassion through hearing the stories of people different from yourself.

Solo travel, in particular, offers an immersive cultural experience. When alone, you are more approachable and more receptive to the exchange of customs, beliefs, and stories. The friendships forged and the insights gained become your souvenirs, offering a richer, more nuanced understanding of the human experience.

Friendships Forged in the Now

The solidarity encountered during solo travel doesn’t equate to isolation. It instead fosters a unique social experience where friendships are formed in the most unexpected moments. From your bunkmates in a hostel, sharing a meal with strangers on a crowded train to swapping stories around a campfire, the people you meet become part of a transient community that only exists in the present.

These friendships, although fleeting, are no less significant and can lead to a deeper appreciation of life’s transient beauty. Moreover, they foster a global community, eagerly awaiting the serendipitous moments when your paths cross in different corners of the world.

Unparalleled Confidence

Navigating new cities, communicating across language barriers, and problem-solving in the absence of a safety net, all have one common outcome — the confidence to tackle life’s challenges head-on.

Every obstacle overcome, no matter how small, is a testament to your capability and resilience. Solo travel is a constant affirmation that you can handle whatever the world throws at you, producing a type of confidence that no other experience can replicate.

Mindful intentions

One of the most rewarding aspects of solo travel is the ability to be fully present. Freed from the burden of schedules and itineraries, you can be truly mindful of your surroundings. 

This level of awareness allows for a richer travel experience, one where you’re not just mindlessly checking off landmarks but are instead fully immersed in the sensory delights and cultural exchanges that each location offers.


Travel plans often change, and flexibility is a valuable commodity. When you’re solo, adapting to these changes is not only easier but can often lead to some of the most memorable moments of your trip.

A delay may lead you to discover a tranquil corner of the world, or a sudden destination closure could steer you toward an unexpected adventure. Embracing the unexpected is one of the key joys of solo travel, teaching you that the best experiences are often unplanned.

Empowerment Through Autotomy

Solo travel is about maintaining complete autonomy — from big decisions to the seemingly small details. This empowerment extends beyond the duration of your trip, instilling a sense of self-sufficiency that doesn’t wane even when you return home.

It’s the knowledge that you are the sole orchestrator of your experiences and that your life’s narrative is written only by you.

Life Skills You Can't Buy

In the venture from one place to the next, you embark on a transformative journey that encompasses a multitude of life skills. As you navigate the intricacies of public transportation in a foreign city, deciphering maps with a sense of purpose, and managing your budget with adaptability in an unfamiliar currency, you are building a repertoire of invaluable life skills.

These skills extend beyond the realm of travel, serving as a foundation for personal growth and resilience in all facets of life. Long after your trips, they will continue to be a reminder of the transformative journey that shaped you into a wiser and more adaptable individual.

The brave soul who heads out on a solo journey comes back with more than just a collection of amazing travel memories, but also a profound transformation of perspective and a new spirit.

Solo travel, although it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, holds an array of undeniable benefits that cannot be overlooked. It not only facilitates personal growth, but also shapes character and nurtures a profound and intimate connection with the world that surrounds us.

If you’ve been wishing for a change of scenery and craving a new adventure, don’t hold back or wait for your friends to be ready. Embrace the unknown and embark on a solo adventure filled with endless possibilities. The world is waiting for you with open arms!

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