Dubai-Based Holistic Health Coach LaVikyVIBES Shares Her Top Spots for Healthy Food in Dubai & Best Wellness Tips

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I recently caught up with holsitic health coach and founder of LaVikyVIBES to get the scoop about her journey from fashion into the world of conscious living and holistic health, plus she spilled o the best places to eat healthy food in Dubai and shared her best wellness tips.

(MAIA)You’re a certified holistic health coach, but you started your career in fashion. Can you tell us a little bit about your journey and how these two worlds overlapped?

(Viky) They’re absolutely correlated. As you mentioned, I started my career in fashion when I was 20.

My first job was assisting stylists in Milan during editorials, lookbooks, and campaigns. When I was working in fashion, even though being part of it has always been my dream, I felt very sad.

This was due to the toxic mentality of this world. I was constantly comparing myself to others, stressing myself out with the fast-paced rhythm, and last but not least feeling ashamed of my body because it wasn’t fitting the fashion standards.

This brought me to try absurd diets all the time without knowing what I was doing. After many months of stress and low carbs diets, I became gluten intolerant. I think it was a body response to what was happening at that time.

In the beginning, I thought it was the worst thing that could ever happen to me.

But life also taught me that you’re the one who determines if a specific situation is positive or negative based on which point of view we see things.

Eating gluten and dairy-free (yes, I am also dairy intolerant) led me to eat more healthily. Which brought me to live in a more conscious way.

Living consciously opened the possibility for me to be aligned with spiritual people and discover things about our bodies and minds that I would have never imagined.

Fascinated by what I was discovering, in 2020 I decided to enroll at IIN (Integrative Nutrition School, NY) and become a Health and Life Coach.

(M) You love to travel and you also travel for work— what made you decide on Dubai as your home base?

(V) The first time I landed in Dubai, I felt an intense energy made of progress and opportunities.

Dubai is a city that offers you the possibility to succeed and express your message to the world.

(M) Can you tell us a little bit about your services and how you help people?

(V) In 2021 I opened LaVikyVIBES, a website where people can find useful articles about nutrition, spirituality, and mindfulness and enroll in my “Find Your Magic.”

Find your Magic is a 6 months program (2 sessions each month) where I support my clients to find the best version of themselves by taking care of their health and coaching them to reach their life goals, whatever they are.

Before starting the program, I do a consultation with the client. I create a safe space where they can talk about their requests and feelings, either online or offline.

After the first consultation, I create a program that suits their needs and requests.

Every plan is different and bespoke depending on my client’s will.

My motto is “Be the best version of you, for you”

On my Instagram page, I share daily contents to spread light and useful information to all my followers.

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Find out more about her services here.

(M) If there’s one wellness tip you could share with the world, what would it be?

(V) “Health is a journey not a destination”.

Perfect health doesn’t exist, just as perfection doesn’t exist. Giving our best daily is what will make us happy and healthy. I also love to share this life coaching tip with my clients: If you want to change something in your life, start from within. Our reality is a reflection of who we are.

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(M) Now we’re dying to know, what are your top spots for eating healthy food in Dubai?

Comptoir 102

A French healthy cafe and concept store where you can eat delicious food and buy the latest sustainable beauty and fashion products.

Seva Experience

A place where you feel safe. Cafe and yoga studio, Seva has a spiritual vibe and conscious way of cooking plant-based meals. It’s a space that just makes you feel you’re in a happy bubble.

Wild and the Moon

Wild and the moon is 100% plant-based and gluten-free. It’s the best place to enjoy a good matcha latte while chowing down on gluten and dairy-free waffles. I always go there when I need to work on my laptop and want to be in a quiet place.

Common Grounds

Their minty interior makes you feel you’re constantly on holiday. They have the best Açai Bowl in the city— may I dare to say even the world?

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Find out more about her services here.

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