The Best Vintage and Thrift Stores in Florence Italy

Best vintage and thrift stores in florence

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Milan might be the host city for Italian Fashion Week, but Florence gives it a run for its money when it comes to vintage style. Wandering the enchanting streets of Firenze, you’ll surely notice that there’s no lack of vintage stores. From luxury designers to curated second-hand, the city loves its vintage fashion. There’s something for every style, taste, and budget.

This guide to the top vintage and thrift stores in Florence Italy will help you cut down on time spent determining which stores are worth stopping in while exploring the Renaissance’s birthplace. Just make sure to leave some extra space in your luggage for all the treasures you’re bound to find on your thrifting adventures.

**Don’t forget to check out the flea markets in Florence for incredible vintage finds.

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Melrose Vintage

Melrose is an Americana-themed vintage store, that makes it feel like you’re being transported to California circa 1960/’70s.

Room after room is filled with thrifted treasures, surrounded by decor that is just as intriguing. You’ll want to discover every nook and cranny of the store. With old hand luggage bursting with silk neck scarfs and crates of vinyl records. It’s easy to lose track of time here.

If you love vintage Levi’s and I mean who doesn’t? This store has an impressive collection. You can also find vintage pieces next to designer labels, leather bombers, colorful short shorts, and knit matching tops.

Melrose has two locations both are equally great. One in San Lorenzo the other near the Train Station.

Explore Melrose

La Belle Epoque

If you’ve wondered what vintage heaven might look like, you’ve officially found it at Florence’s oldest vintage store. La Belle Epoque is a hidden gem that you won’t want to miss. The place is overflowing with garments. The best part? The prices are extremely reasonable, think Max Mara Blazers going for €35.

In true Florentine fashion, the store doesn’t stick to a strict schedule. The best way to know when Clarissa (the lovely owner) will be in is to message her on Instagram.

Explore La Belle Epoque

Rrose Sèlavy

Don’t be fooled by the small size of this Vintage Store. What it lacks in square footage it makes up in the quality of garments.

At first, you might be a little overwhelmed by how full the store is with its stacks of folded pants on stools, piles of gold-embroidered jackets, flared corduroy pants, and silk blouses all mixed and laid on top of vintage wooden stadium chairs.

The racks lining the walls are always overflowing with dazzling gowns, checked blazers, along accessories sprinkled between collectible trinkets scattered about. However, Mary, the store owner knows every piece in the store and is always willing to help.

Once she gets an idea of your style she’ll be pulling piece after piece out of the piles. It’s impossible to come into this place without finding something you love.

Explore Rrose Sèlavy

Dusert Vintage

A short walk from Santo Spirito in Florence’s Oltrarno, you’ll find Dusert. The store has a curated selection of thrifty clothes for both men and women.

The store is filled with funky vintage that plays on today’s zeitgeist and unique sportswear. If you’re looking for a colorful knit sweater, vibrant tracksuits, or floral Hawaiian shirt this is your place.

You won’t need much time here since it’s a small shop that’s well organized.

Explore Dusert Vintage  

Street Doing Vintage Couture

If you’re a fashionista who has an eye for the finer things in life, you will love Street Doing Vintage Couture. The store has the largest selection of luxury designer vintage in Florence. The store’s curation is nothing less than fabulous. You’ll find everything from the classic Gucci Loafers to Valentino gowns.

Explore Street Doing Vintage Couture

Boutique Nadine

Located directly on the Arno River, you can’t miss Boutique Nadine while you’re in the Tuscan Captial. The Florentine store is a hybrid, selling both a selection of curated vintage and contemporary fashion.

Inspired by the romantic nature of Florence, the boutique’s curated selection hones both femininity and sophistication. Nadine’s collection includes beautiful silks, cashmere, antique jewelry, and even vintage lingerie.

Explore Nadine

Art & Fashion Vintage

Make sure to leave some time for Art & Fashion Vintage in Florence’s San Lorenzo neighborhood. If you enjoy the hunt of thrifting, you’ll love this place. Room after room is filled with treasures that are affordably priced.

The thrift store is composed of multiple rooms packed to the brim with unique vintage pieces and quirky decor— from silk robes and kimonos to leather jackets the selection never disappoints. You’ll want to have a good chunk of time to spend in this store, not only because of the size of the store but also because you’ll surely strike up a conversation with the lovely owner and his adorable dog.

Explore Art & Fashion Vintage

9 Rosso Firenze

A few steps from the Ponte Vecchio you’ll find Rosso Firenze. They offer a beautiful selection of curated vintage garments and homeware, but the real showstopper at Rosso is the collection of antique jewelry. You can find something simple and elegant, or a bold art-deco piece that will make you feel like you’re daisy from The Great Gatsby.

Explore 9 Rosso

Giratempo Vintage

If you’re looking for vintage luxury designer garments, make a beeline for Giratempo. The store has been serving Florence with unique vintage pieces for over 40 years. They have everything you could dream of from 1960s coats, Salvatore Ferragamo shoes, and a handbag selection that is to die for.

Explore Giratempo

Tee Pee Vintage

For a more hipster vibe of thrifting head to Tee Pee in the San’Ambrogio neighborhood. Tee Pee’s selection is carefully curated with thrifty finds that fit today’s streetwear style. The store has vintage streetwear for both men and women— from 1990s crewnecks and graphic t-shirts to varsity jackets.

They also have an Etsy shop, so even if you’re not in Italy you can still get in on the thrifting.

Explore Tee Pee

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