hotels in florence

The Coolest Hotels in Florence

Hotels in Florence are a dime a dozen.  But while there’s no shortage of places to make your home away from home, some stand above

Where Locals Go Shopping in Florence

If you deem yourself a fashionista, shopping in Florence is an experience that must be had while in the Tuscan Capital. It’s no secret that

cooking classes in florence

The 7 Best Cooking Classes in Florence

There’s no better way to immerse yourself in Italian culture than by taking one of the cooking classes in Florence. It’s an experience that you’ll

Wine Window of Florence

The Not-So-Hidden Wine Window of Florence

If you find yourself walking down the picturesque Via Santo Spirito in Florence’s charming Oltrarno neighborhood chances are you will come across a crowd of

The Best Luxury Hotels on The Amalfi Coast

While the summer season packs it in with tourists the best hotels on the Amalfi Coast make you feel like you have the coast to yourself with boutique luxury and amenities like private swimming platforms built into the cliffs.

Best Hotel in Tuscany Italy

the best hotels in Tuscany: Our top 7

Imagine sipping an Aperol Spritz poolside, while gazing out over rolling hills lined with vineyards— this could be your reality on any given day while

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