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Imagine sipping an Aperol Spritz poolside, while gazing out over rolling hills lined with vineyards— this could be your reality on any given day while visiting the Tuscan countryside.

he only question is at which Hotel in Tuscany Italy do you want to do this? It’s no easy feat to pick a place to stay in the region that has countless villas, palaces and quaint country homes turned luxury resorts. All boasting postcard esque views and food that you’ll dream about long after you return home. 

After countless trips to the Tuscan countryside, there are a few hotels that have stood above the rest. Here are my picks for the best hotels to stay at in Tuscany: 

Castello di Spaltenna

Giaole in Chianti Best For a Luxury take on Tuscan Village Charm

Set on the hill overlooking the sleepy Tuscan village of Giaole, Castello Di Spaltenna is the perfect balance of Tuscan charm that meets luxury hospitality. With an in-house Michelin-starred restaurant set in a wine cellar, a full-service spa, and an infinity pool that overlooks the countryside, there’s really nothing that this hotel doesn’t have— not to mention that the hotel itself is a castle that was originally built in the 11th century as a Benedictine monastery.

The castle was converted into a private residence in the 13th century and later expanded and fortified during the Renaissance period. Today the luxury hotel rooms and suites are elegantly decorated with antique furnishings and offer modern amenities.

If you’re lucky enough to stay here during the l’Eroica bike race you’ll see the town come to life with people coming from all around the world with their vintage bikes to ride in the Tuscan countryside.

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Borgo Scopeto Relais

Best For Gastronomy- Chianti Classico Region

Hidden deep in the hills of the picturesque Chianti Classico region of Tuscany you’ll find a medieval hamlet at the end of a winding, cypress tree-dotted driveway. From the stone tower, you can see neighboring Siena, and from the ground level, you’ll find equally impressive views of the surrounding olive groves and vineyards. 

While this place has all the amenities you’d come to expect out of a luxury Hotel in Tuscany, it’s the gastronomy that always steals the show. You’ll come to learn firsthand at the in-house restaurants that in Tuscany food is not just a way to fuel yourself, it’s love. Chef Pietro Fortunata, who was trained at the world-renowned cooking school, Le Cordon Bleu, and sharpened his skills at the Michelin-starred Four Seasons Florence “Il Palagio” will absolutely make you fall in love with the Tuscan kitchen. 

All of that, plus this medieval oasis keeps its footprint low, they’ve completed the ISO 14001 certification to monitor the environmental impact of their activities and consequently improve their actions.

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Dievole Wine Resort

Best for Wine Lovers

If you’ve always fantasized about living on a vineyard, Dievole is the hotel in Tuscany for you. 12 km from the bustling town of Siena, Dievole wine resort is a relaxing retreat perfect for wine lovers who have refined and luxurious sensibilities. 

Dievole has been producing wine since 1090 and you’ll feel the richness of the history while you’re staying there— it has everything you’d expect of a wine resort, tasting rooms, and an onsite wine shop, but it’s the nature path that takes you through kilometers of the vineyard that stole my heart. Being able to walk amongst the rows of grapes that have been harvested for centuries to make the velvety world-famous Chianti Classico, is a magical experience. 

Aside from wine, although that’s reason enough to stay here, there’s a beautiful garden to dine in, two panoramic pools, and of course an incredible in-house restaurant. 

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Castello La Leccia

Best for wellness travel

Castello La Leccia might just be the closest thing to heaven on earth that I’ve found. Imagine being in an ancient castle nestled on the top of a lush green hill, surrounded by organic olive groves and vineyards. The towers of Siena in the distance and a hospitality staff that’s ready to share their love of Tuscany with you. That’s just the tip of what Castello La Leccia has to offer its guests. 

This luxury Tuscan retreat puts a huge emphasis on wellness. They have an in-house holistic health practitioner that hosts regular hatha yoga classes, 4.4 km of hiking trails through the forest, and a full-service spa that also boasts a Turkish bath and Sauna. 

While the setting is historic, the amenities are modern giving the castle a modern yet timeless atmosphere. Think wooden floors and beamed ceilings paired with top-of-the-line linens and mattresses that feel like a cloud. After a few days here, you’ll feel refreshed and connected not only to the nature of Tuscany but also reconnected with yourself. 

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La Certosa di Pontignano

Best for a remote Tuscan escape

Once a Carthusian monastery, this stunning property has been transformed into a luxury hotel in the heart of Tuscany, complete with all the modern amenities you could want, while still maintaining its original character and charm. From the moment you step onto the property, you’ll be struck by its beauty. The monastery’s cloisters, church, and other buildings are all lovingly restored and impeccably maintained, with intricate details and beautiful frescoes adorning every surface.

Don’t be fooled by its historic roots – La Certosa di Pontignano has all the modern conveniences you could ask for. The rooms are spacious and comfortable, with luxurious bedding and all the amenities you need for a comfortable stay.

The on-site restaurant serves up delicious Tuscan cuisine, using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. But perhaps the best part of staying at La Certosa di Pontignano is the sense of peace and tranquility that pervades the property. Whether you’re lounging by the pool, strolling through the gardens, or simply relaxing in your room, you’ll feel a sense of calm and serenity that’s hard to find in today’s busy world. Overall, I can’t recommend La Certosa di Pontignano enough. It’s the perfect place to unwind and recharge, surrounded by history, beauty, and all the comforts of modern life. 

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Hotel Le Fontanelle

Best Romatic Hideaway

Nestled in a beautifully restored 13th-century villa surrounded by vineyards and olive groves, this luxurious hotel is the perfect place to soak up the beauty and charm of the Chianti region in Tuscany. The rooms and suites are spacious and exquisitely decorated with a traditional Tuscan style mixed with modern comforts. You’ll feel like royalty with high ceilings, exposed wooden beams, and breathtaking views of the rolling hills.

The indulgence doesn’t stop there! With a stunning outdoor pool and spa, you’ll feel pampered and rejuvenated from head to toe. And let’s not forget the mouth-watering Tuscan cuisine served in the gourmet restaurant, where every dish is a celebration of the region’s bounty.

For the adventurous, Hotel Le Fontanelle offers a range of activities, from guided tours of nearby vineyards and olive groves to cooking classes and horseback riding. And when you’re ready to explore, the hotel’s prime location puts you just a short drive away from the charming hilltop villages and medieval castles of Chianti, as well as the cultural treasures of Siena.

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Hotel Villa Campomaggio

Best for classic Tuscan charm

As you wind your way through the vineyards and olive groves to reach the 14th-century villa, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a fairytale. Once inside, you’ll be greeted with warmth and hospitality that is truly second to none. The frescoed ceilings and antique furniture transport you to another era, while the comfortable beds and luxurious linens ensure a restful night’s sleep. The hotel’s outdoor swimming pool is surrounded by lush gardens and offers stunning views of the surrounding hills.

What really sets Hotel Villa Campomaggio apart is its location. Surrounded by vineyards and olive groves, the hotel is the perfect base for exploring the beautiful Chianti countryside. Take a guided hike or bike ride to discover the hidden gems of the region, or indulge in a wine tour to sample some of the best wines Tuscany has to offer. Overall, Hotel Villa Campomaggio is a truly magical place that will capture your heart and leave you wanting more. With its historic charm, luxurious amenities, exceptional service, and stunning surroundings, this hotel is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and indulge in the beauty and romance of Tuscany.

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