The Best Sustainable Underwear: From Basic Cotton Undies to Dainty Lingerie

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Make room in your top drawer for some new sustainable underwear. These brands have eco-friendly intimates that cover everything from your everyday cotton panties to dainty lingerie that comes out for special occasions.

Why Shop Sustainable Underwear?

When you begin to revamp your style choices to prioritize sustainability, underwear may not be the first item that comes to mind. However, this seemingly simple garment that we wear every day can actually be one of the industry’s dirtiest, and nobody likes dirty undies.

The production of underwear can have a significant environmental impact, involving the use of numerous toxic dyes and chemicals. What’s more, these chemicals tend to linger in the fabric, posing potential risks to our well-being. Needless to say, having chemicals in our undies is far from ideal. Moreover, many brands still rely on non-renewable resources such as nylon and polyester, rather than exploring sustainable alternatives. Let’s strive for a more conscious approach to our underwear choices.

Fortunately, some innovative brands have started to rise up to meet this challenge by creating eco-friendly underwear options that don’t sacrifice comfort or quality. Whether you’re in the market for everyday cotton undies, soft lace lingerie, or something a bit more special, there’s sure to be an ethical option that fits your needs perfectly.

Pricing Guide:

$: Underwear from $10-$20, Bra’s from $15-$40

$$: Underwear from $21-$45, Bra’s from $41-$75

$$$: Underwear from $46-$70 Bra’s from $76-$100

$$$$: Underwear from $70 & Up, Bra’s from $100 & Up

Pact Apparel ($)

Pact Apparel’s “Earth’s Favorite” underwear line embodies the brand’s commitment to sustainability and ethical fashion. Their underwear is not only affordable but also incredibly soft and comfortable – perfect for all-day wear! Plus, Pact’s commitment to sustainability means they avoid using harsh chemicals or synthetic materials in their products.

The line is Sustainability Certified, and Pact partners with organizations like Fair Trade USA, Global Organic Textile Standard, and SimpliZero to ensure alignment with environmental and social values.

The underwear line features organic cotton, which minimizes environmental impact by using 81% less water and 62% less energy than conventional methods. Pact also emphasizes carbon neutrality, fair trade practices, water conservation, and green shipping. In summary, the “Earth’s Favorite” line is not just about fashion; it represents Pact’s holistic approach to responsible clothing, emphasizing both the welfare of the planet and its people.

Juliemay ($$-$$$)

Juliemay, the UK’s accredited lingerie brand, is leading a revolution in the industry. By placing sustainability at the forefront and catering to individuals with skin sensitivities, they are redefining what it means to be beautiful and inclusive. With approximately one in four people worldwide experiencing some form of skin condition, Juliemay is on a mission to create stunning, allergy-friendly lingerie for women of all shapes and sizes. Join the movement and embrace a new era of intimate apparel!

What makes Juliemay stand out is its unwavering commitment to using high-quality materials that are gentle on the skin. Their products are crafted from Pure Silk and Pima Cotton, both scientifically tested and approved by dermatologists as allergy-friendly, antibacterial, and hypoallergenic. The Pure Silk lining offers a soft and breathable experience, while the Organic Pima Cotton provides unmatched softness and durability, even for the most sensitive skin.

The brand’s offerings are not only luxurious but also exquisite, providing a comfortable wearing experience without compromising on elegant design. With sizes ranging from 8-18 for briefs and 32B to 42DD for bras, Juliemay ensures that there is something for everyone, whether they have sensitive skin or not.

Organic Basics ($)

Organic Basics is another awesome choice for eco-friendly and sustainable underwear. They’re a brand based in Copenhagen that really focuses on comfort and sustainability. They create basic clothing and underwear that’s not only kind to the Earth but also to people. They carefully select materials and fabrics that are environmentally responsible.

And guess what? They go the extra mile! Besides using recycled, recyclable, plant-based, and organic materials, they also offset their carbon emissions and donate to sustainable projects. They’re all about giving back to the Earth as much as they take from it. Collaboration is a big part of their business, and they love working with people, factories, and companies that are passionate about making a positive impact.

Oh, and inclusivity is super important to Organic Basics too. They’re actively working on becoming more inclusive when it comes to pricing and sizing, so that their products can be enjoyed by a wider range of customers. They know they have room to grow in this area, but they’re committed to continuously improving until everyone can find their perfect basics.

Mary Young ($$)

Mary Young is the it-girl of sustainable underwear. The Canadian lingerie brand is known for its ethically produced, sustainable collection of super cute intimates and sleepwear.

But these garments aren’t only swoon-worthy they’re responsibly made. The brand prioritizes production within Canada, avoiding the pitfalls of fast fashion.

The brand’s collection primarily utilizes OEKO-TEX-certified rayon of bamboo, a material free from harmful substances. With an eye towards environmental conservation, the brand emphasizes low-waste cutting techniques and creatively uses deadstock and end-of-roll fabric to create limited collections.

The brand’s focus on sustainability extends to its shipping practices as well, with hand-packed orders shipped in recycled mailers and a firm commitment to avoiding single-use plastics.

Boody ($)

Boody is an Australian-based brand that will make you feel oh so good in your body. The brand focuses on sustainability, eco-friendly practices, fair production, and animal-friendly policies in crafting its everyday essentials. Central to the brand’s philosophy is the use of bamboo viscose, a material known for its softness, breathability, and sustainable properties.

The brand’s focus goes beyond merely creating comfortable products. Boody aims to elevate comfort into a form of positive global impact, connecting the sensation of feeling good with actions that are good for the planet. This approach includes a commitment to ethical manufacturing processes and engaging with the community to promote a more conscious and responsible way of living.

Knickey ($-$$)

Knickey is an inclusive intimates brand that’s making elevated cotton underwear that’s meant to raise your standards. The brand makes undies that are friendly to all body shapes and sizes.

The brand was founded with sustainability at its core, Knickey relentlessly seeks environmentally responsible processes, harnessing low-impact fabrics, and ensuring ethical manufacturing. Their staunch stance against greenwashing underscores their commitment to integrity and accountability, ensuring that every facet of their operations, from design to business practices, is meticulously evaluated for its environmental footprint.

Cou Cou Intimates ($$)

If you like dainty French lace that’s comfortable to wear enough all day everyday, Cou Cou is your sustainable underwear brand.

Their mission is to reclaim the narrative surrounding our most intimate pieces and celebrate the embodied female experience each and every day. They craft sophisticated and essential intimates that seamlessly bridge the gap between lingerie and everyday undergarments, ensuring that comfort never has to be sacrificed for style. From Thong to High-Rise, each Cou Cou design is carefully tailored to flatter, adorned with delicate French lace, so you can feel beautiful every day—not just on special occasions.

They create their underwear using soft 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, instead of synthetic fibers. This means their undies are breathable for a quick jog and cozy for snuggling up in bed.

Nico Underwear ($$)

Nico is a brand that makes minimalist undergarments that are equally cozy as they are kind to the planet.

Prioritizing materials that are both high-quality and planet-friendly, the brand employs GOTS certified organic cotton, dyed using 100% plant-based methods, ensuring a toxin-free supply chain.

Additionally, they harness the softness and sustainability of Lenzing Modal, derived from eco-friendly beechwood trees through a closed-loop process.

In a move towards a circular economy, NICO also champions the use of recycled cotton for their socks, saving vast resources and reducing waste. Committed to a vegan ethos, NICO’s operations reflect deep respect for both the environment and their workforce.

Botanica Workshop

Botanica Workshop is an independent clothing brand specializing in small-run, high-quality underwear and loungewear made from organic and sustainable materials. Founded in 2014, the brand emerged from a desire for responsibly produced intimates that uphold designer aesthetics and quality.

The brand’s name, Botanica Workshop, combines two core concepts: “Botanica” reflects their ecologically mindful approach to materials, and “Workshop” signifies the handcrafted nature of their products. The entire design and manufacturing process emphasizes sustainability and supports the local economy in Los Angeles. The fabric mill is located close to their studio, and they engage in small production runs to minimize waste.

The materials used by Botanica Workshop include organic cotton, deadstock silk, and recycled nylon, along with natural and high-quality synthetic trims. The dyes are low-impact synthetics, mimicking colors found in nature. Additionally, they utilize zero-waste packaging, incorporating recycled and recyclable materials, and plant-based inks.

Brook There

Brook There is a lingerie brand founded out of a desire for minimalist and ethically-made garments. Inspired by the natural beauty of Maine and guided by ecological principles, the brand emphasizes comfort, self-expression, and sustainability.

They use organic materials like GOTS-certified cotton and pure silk, and all products are designed and manufactured in the USA by a dedicated team. The company’s commitment to sustainability extends to its eco-friendly packaging and shipping practices. Ultimately, Brook There seeks to create timeless, quality garments that allow women to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin.

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