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When you’re vegan or plant-based It’s not always easy to grab something quick to eat while traveling. However finding vegan food in Florence isn’t as hard as you might think, the city has made it pretty easy for vegans with an array of street food spots that offer healthy and traditional Italian quick eats.

La Fettunta

A few doors down from the over-crowded panini shop Antico Vinaio is a small women-run panini shop La Fettunta. While tourists flock to Antico Vinaio you’ll notice that at La Fettunta it’s mostly Italians, which is always a good sign. While their set menu doesn’t offer a vegan option, the women working there are always accommodating. Grab your panino and head around the corner to sit on the Arno River with a view of the Ponte Vecchio.

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Base V

Base V Juicery is one of the best places to find on the go vegan food in Florence. It’s a great place to stop and grab a fresh-pressed juice and a pre-made deluxe salad or avocado toast. They always have a stocked grab-and-go fridge for quick vegan eats. 

They make everything fresh, using organic produce, with no preservatives. It’s also the best place in Florence to buy peanut butter or almond butter. They make it themselves with nothing added except the nuts. Luckily for us, there are now two locations of Base V, one on either side of the Arno.

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Veg & Veg

For some of Florence’s best healthy street food head to Mercato Centrale to Veg & Veg (vegano e vegetariano). They’re serving up a range of incredible dishes. Tuscan soups, Asian-inspired woks, green bowls, and juicy vegan burgers that look naughty but are made with whole, fresh ingredients. You won’t be disappointed, everything they make is bursting with flavor, it’ll quickly become one of your favorite places to get vegan food in florence.

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Santo Falafel

Who doesn’t love a nice creamy hummus? Chances are if you’re in Italy for an extended period of time, you will start to crave something besides pasta (I didn’t think it was possible either, but it happens) Santa Falafel is a middle eastern plant-based eatery with killer falafel and humus. The inside of the restaurant is small, so rather than eating there, take your wrap or hummus bowl to go, head around the corner to sit in the Santo Spirito piazza.

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Flower Burger

Flower Burger is a plant-based chain from the UK that opened a shop in the heart of Florence. As the name suggests they specialize in vegan burgers. While it’s still fast food and not exactly the healthiest option, it’s perfect for when you feel like you need a little something “greasy”. Plus the burgers look as great as they taste with fun vibrant colored buns.

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Universo Vegano

Vegan tiramisu, need I say more? Universo Vegano is a 100% vegan quick-eat spot in Florence. It’s a great place to grab a cornetto (Italian Croissant) for breakfast or stop for a green lasagna for lunch. Everything is pre-made so it’s always quick and easy.

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Shake Cafe

Shake cafe always comes in clutch when you need something quick and on the go. They do healthy and fresh fast food. Not everything is vegan, but they offer a lot of options for plant-based eaters, including vegan sweets. If you’re on the run, one of their wraps is always a great option, but if you have a little more time it’s also a great place to sit and enjoy a smoothie bowl on a hot summer day.

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