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Europe’s latest travel hot spot is definitely not lacking in incredible places to stay— but which are the Lisbon hotels best for a unique experience? From an ultra-cool and cozy urban oasis perched high up on a hill, to a culture-infused boutique hotel in the center of the city, there’s a home-away-from-home for every taste and budget in Lisbon.

Let’s dive into some of the coolest Lisbon hotels:

The Dare House

Lisbon Hotel Best For the Local Experience Seeker

The Dare House is one of the best hotels Lisbon has to offer.

How does a mini fridge fully stocked with local, organic goodies, and baskets of freshly baked bread placed at your door every morning? This is by far one of the coolest hotels in Lisbon, It’s a conscious traveler’s dream stay.

Located in the bohemian Bairro Alto neighborhood. Wandering around the area, you’ll be surrounded by traditional Portuguese architecture and vivid street art. It’s a stone’s throw from attractions like the Arco da Rua Augusta, in the evening the area comes to life with fado music coming from mouthwatering traditional Portuguese restaurants and young people pouring out onto the streets in front of the trendy bars in the area.

Dare Lisbon House Hotel Details

Location: Bairro Alto Neighborhood

Price Starting at: $170/Night

Things We About It:

  • Starting each morning the Portuguese way with fresh bread and pastries

  • Their Sustainability Accreditations.

  • Balconies are perfect for photo-ops to capture classic Portugal Aesthetics.

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The Luminaires

Lisbon Hotel Best for Luxury Seeking Creative

If you fancy yourself a conscious traveler that has a taste for the finer things in life, you’ll feel right at home in The Luminaires— a luxury boutique hotel in Lisbon that deems itself to be a love letter to Lisbon. Don’t let it’s luxury-reputation scare you off this is still one of the coolest Lisbon hotels.

This 5-star hotel is a homage to the vibrant creative culture of Lisbon. Everything you’ll find in the hotel comes from local brands, makers, and artists. The apartment-style rooms are great for feeling like you’re a part of the city, rather than just a passerby— even if you’re only staying for a couple of days— After all, Slow travel isn’t about how long you travel but why and how you travel.

The Luminaires Hotel Details

Location: Bairro Alto Neighborhood

Price Starting at: $200/Night

Things We About It:

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Palacio Ludovice

Best Lisbon Hotel For the Royal Experience

If you’re after the grandeur of the days when Portugal was ruled by a Monarchy— Palacio Ludovice is the best Lisbon hotel for you. The boutique hotel is set in the former private residence of João Federico Ludovice, who was the architect of King João V.

As you can imagine it’s nothing short of immaculate, but don’t think that it’s going to be a stuffy 18th-century decor. The 61-room stay has been rehauled mixing contemporary design with odes to traditional elements. Today it’s an award-winning not only for its architecture but also for its interiors— claiming both titles “Best Hotel Architecture Project in Portugal” and “Best Hotel Interiors in Portugal”.

Palacio Ludovice Hotel Details

Location: Chiado Neighborhood

Price Starting at: $190/Night

Things We About It:

  • Gorgeous interior and architectural design

  • The ancient vaults and wine cellars as the setting for the bar.

  • As if being surrounded by beauty inside wasn’t enough, the hotel is directly across the street from the São Pedro De Alcantara Viewpoint.

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Torel Palace

Best Lisbon Hotel for Swimming with a View

Imagine, it’s a warm summer’s morning and you’re in Lisbon. You wake up in a room that’s fit for royalty, open the curtains, and see the sun shining over the city of Lisbon and the ocean out ahead. You head for a quick dip in the pool that’s enclosed in a private garden that overlooks the city below, then have a lavish Portuguese breakfast before heading out for a day of immersing yourself in Portuguese culture and history— this is just the usual at Torel Palace Lisbon.

Torel Palace is one of the luxury boutique hotels in Lisbon that truly feels like a hidden oasis right in the hustle and bustle of the city. You can stay in one of the 25 rooms in their main Mansion, or in the Villa that has five apartment-style stays. Regardless of the room type, they have extraordinary amenities and service that make this hotel every bit worth all five of its stars. Each room has its own unique character and the common places have an air of welcoming serenity to them. It’s a great choice for a slow traveler who’s looking for a home base that will never stop impressing you with its traditional beauty and stunning views.

Torel Palace Hotel Details

Location: Chiado Neighborhood

Price Starting at: $120/night

Things We About It:

  • The Private Garden with the Pool is incredible— It’s the perfect place to catch a sunset, or unwind and reflect upon your Lisbon experience.

  • Clawfoot Bathtubs

  • Focus on Sustainable Products

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The Independente Collective

Best Lisbon Hotel For the Solo Adventurer/Digital Nomad

Doing Lisbon on a budget doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the stay. The Independence is part-hostel, part-boutique hotel set in a 19th-century palace that fits almost every budget. Don’t let the hostel bit scare you, the hotel is super charming with a killer restaurant and bar that act as a meeting area for young travelers— so if you’re a solo traveler this is a great place to meet and mingle.

The location far surpasses what you’d expect based on the budget. It’s located in the Chiado, and directly across from the Miradouro de São Pedro De Alacantara lookout point. Directly down the street, you can hop on the Glória São Pedro Alcantara funicular stop that takes you down to Praça Dos Restauradores or you can wander on foot to the most upscale neighborhood in Lisbon, Príncipe Real or through the Chiado neighborhood that’s filled with cute cafes and artisan shops.

The Independente

Location: Chiado Neighborhood

Price Starting at: $60

Things We About It:

  • The terrace area for working, it’s a perfect hotel for digital nomads looking for a private place to stay with all the social features of a hostel.

  • Perfect location for a local vibe without being too far off the beaten path

  • The Quirky Decor

  • The in-house restaurant that has the world’s friendliest manager

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The Vintage Lisbon

Best Hotel in Lisbon for the Design Lover

Midcentury design meets authentic Portuguese craftsmanship at the Vintage boutique hotel in Lisbon. They give extra attention to every detail and always make a point to shine a light on the local creators and makers— from the complimentary gin and tonic kits created by Portuguese cocktail expert Nino Lopes to the pencils that were created at a family-run factory in Lisbon. These conscious details are only one of the reasons that this is one of the Lisbon hotels best for slow travelers.

When you’re tired of trekking up and down the hills of Lisbon you’ll be able to relax and unwind back at the Vintage, but the great thing is that you’re not limited to your room.

The hotel has many common areas, including a rooftop that has incredible views of the skyline. If the weather isn’t rooftop appropriate there’s “the hangout” that feels like an ultra-cool living room that you’d see on Instagram. It has a vinyl record player and aesthetic magazines to flip through, of course on the chicest of mid-century modern furniture. If you’re feeling like you need a little extra tender love and care for your limbs after the day, you can hit the tranquility pool and sauna in the hotel’s five-star spa— after this, you’ll surely be refreshed for whatever you have in store for the following day.

This Lisbon hotel truly leaves nothing to chance and ensures that you’ll feel welcome at your home away from home.

The Vintage Lisbon Details:

Location: Principe Real

Price Starting at: $350/night

Things We About It:

  • The design of course! Every corner of this hotel is a photo op waiting to happen.

  • The complimentary G+T kit on a vintage bar cart in your room upon arrival

  • The world’s most sensory soothing spa, pool, and sauna area.

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São Vicente Alfama

Best Hotel in Lisbon for In-house Cultural Experiences

Located in the traditional Alfama neighborhood, the São Vicent Hotel has made a name for itself as one of the Lisbon hotels best for experiencing the heritage of crafts in Portuguese culture. Aside from all the usual boxes it takes to tick to gain 4 stars, the São Vicent Hotel has a special program called the Wellhouse that invites its guests to travel through the building’s history, along with different cultural, craft, and gastronomic experiences.

While the design concept behind this Lisbon boutique hotel is simplicity as the highest form of elegance, the rooms are far from basic. You’ll find that technology has been placed seamlessly within each room to allow for a more personalized experience. From changing the lighting, or the soundscapes that will help you wind down and get a good night’s rest.

São Vicente Alfama Details

Location: Alfama

Price Starting at: $90/night

Things We About It:

  • The personalizable room experience.

  • Access to the Wellhouse Cultural events

  • Little welcome package in your room upon arrival

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Corpo Santo Lisbon Historical Hotel

Lisbon’s best hotel for the history buff

Last but definitely not least is the Corpo Santo Lisbon Historical Hotel. This five-star boutique hotel is worth every penny (It’s actually pretty reasonable for a 5-star hotel) for its exceptional service and perfect location.

The hotel offers two free walking tours that take different routes within the city, lasting around 2 and a half hours each. They’re both highly recommended and a great way to get your barring of the city.

While the hotel is modern in its amenities, it coexists perfectly with the rich history of Lisbon. On the first floor of the hotel, which is considered the living and reading room, you’ll find a perfectly preserved section of Fernandina wall that was ordered to be built by King Fernando in 1373. This is by far one of Lisbon’s best boutique hotels.

Corpo Santo Lisbon Historical Hotel Details:

Location: Cais do Sodré

Price Starting at: $200/night

Things We About It:

  • The complimentary walking tours

  • Daily gastronomical events

  • The serenity of the reading room

Discover More: Corpo Santo Lisbon Historical Hotel

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