The Best Breweries in Milwaukee

Best Breweries in Milwaukee

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While Milwaukee has its fair share of swoon-worthy cocktail bars, at its core Milwaukee is a beer city. The breweries in Milwaukee are some of the best in the country, after all, they don’t call it “Brew-City” for nothing. 

When the city was founded in 1846, brewing was the name of the game in this predominantly German-founded city.  Approximately Thirty-five breweries were established between then and 1860.

Today there are still over 25 breweries in the city.  From national-wide names to microbrews there’s something for everyone, no trip to Milwaukee is complete without a stop at one of the city’s many breweries.

I’ve narrowed it down to the top 7 breweries in the city to visit. From the best tours to the best beers, these are the places to add to your to-do’s while in Brewcity.

Lakefront Brewery

At just about any bar in the city, you’ll find a couple of Lakefront beers on tap, it’s one of the local staple breweries. 

While you can drink it just about anywhere, there’s nothing quite like going to the brewery. The name might make you think that it’s on the lakefront when it’s actually on the riverfront. In the summer boats tie up at the dock for some cold beers before cruising down the river and out into Lake Michigan. 

While it’s consistently ranked the best brewery tour in Milwaukee, in 2010 it was ranked #4 in the entire country, so if it’s a tour you are after this is the place to do it.

Their year-round selection includes various Ales & IPAs, Lagers, Gluten-Free options, and Non-Alcoholic beers. Notable ones are “Chilly Rabbit,” “Bierzeit,” “Hop Gods,” “Hazy Rabbit IPA,” “Dive Beer,” and “Riverwest Stein.” They also have seasonal beers like “Lakefront Maibock” and “Oktoberfest.”

Lakefront Brewery 1872 N Commerce St


If unique beers are what you’re after, the best brewery in Milwaukee for you is MobCraft. Their lineup is always changing, with everything from rich porters to juicy IPAs. Plus, they make a mean sour. The brewery tour is a fun peek into the brewing world, and you can even throw in your own beer idea. for their crowd-sourced beer. 

Their lively taproom is in Walkers Point, Milwaukee’s up-and-coming neighborhood with 24 different beers on tap and games, to keep you occupied MobCraft is a must-visit for a taste of local creativity and brewing passion.

Some of their notable year-round beers include “Bat$h!t Crazy,” a Coffee Brown Ale, “Out of Office,” a refreshing ale with sweet orange peel and lime juice, “Squeezin Juice IPA,” a Juicy IPA with tropical hop aroma, “Vanilla Wafer Porter,” a vanilla and chocolate malt porter, and “MobCraft Amber,” an Amber Ale with a malt forward backbone. They also feature seasonal beers like “Fish Fry Rye,” a Vienna Style Lager, and “Peanuttin’ Butter Than This Chocolate Porter,” a chocolatey Porter with peanuts.

Mobcraft 505 S 5th St

Indeed Brewing

Another one of Milwaukee’s top-notch breweries is located in the Walker’s Point neighborhood – Indeed Brewing.   Indeed Brewing’s Milwaukee outpost serves as a pilot brewery and taproom, where visitors can enjoy a variety of experimental and small-batch brews alongside Indeed’s classic offerings.

From the citrusy notes of the Modern Age Session IPA to the refreshing Brightside Sea Salt & Lemon Lager, each brew is made with dedication and passion for craftsmanship.

The taproom has a warm and inviting vibe and can accommodate over 100 guests. Their big leather chairs are the perfect place to cozy up with friends while enjoying whatever vinyl they have spinning.  What truly sets this brewery apart is its renowned “Indeed We Can” program. On Tuesdays, 100% of taproom net profits are donated to local non-profits.

Indeed Brewing 530 S 2nd St

The Explorium

At the Explorium, the mission is simple: “Explore. Taste. Discover.” It’s a call to the beer lovers that are curious and adventurous. 

With 24 taps of their in-house brewed beers, ranging from the robust flavors of IPAs to the subtle notes of Belgian-style ales, The Explorium keeps their selection diverse and makes sure there is something for everyone, without compromising on quality.

They also have a full menu featuring ingredients that echo both local and global cuisines, making it a great brewery to grab a bite at while sipping some world-class brews. 

Also note, that they also have a selection of gluten-free beers for those who are gluten-sensitive. 

The Explorium 143 W St Paul Ave 

Good City Brewing

In the heart of Milwaukee’s East Side, the original location for Good City Brewing is the mecca for craft beer enthusiasts. 

Good City Brewing draws the beer crowd with its diverse and innovative beer selection. From the crisp and clean flavors of their Pils to the complex and intriguing notes of their tequila barrel-aged imperial pilsner, each brew is a testament to their mastery and creativity. Their offerings also include a range of canned beers, with favorites like the Motto mosaic pale ale and the Reward double IPA, ensuring a taste for every palate.

The experience at Good City Brewing extends beyond the beer. Their urban taproom, a restored building featuring open garage door sides and a newly redone rooftop bar, provides a nice ambiance for enjoying your cool brews. Good City Brewing is an essential stop in Milwaukee’s dynamic craft beer landscape.

Good City Brewing 2108 N Farwell Ave

Historic Pabst Brewery

No list of Breweries in Milwaukee could leave off this iconic brewery, originally founded in 1844, Pabst is what put Milwaukee on the map as a global beer city.

As you wander through its hallowed halls, you’re not just exploring a brewery; you’re walking through a living museum of American brewing history. The Pabst Brewery, once the largest in the world, was synonymous with innovation and quality, immortalized by its flagship Pabst Blue Ribbon beer.

But this is not just a journey into the past. The Historic Pabst Brewery was recently reborn after decades, now it’s a vibrant fusion of old and new. After closing its doors in 1996, this grand old establishment has been lovingly restored and reimagined. Today, it stands as the centerpiece of The Brewery District.

Whether you’re a beer aficionado, a history enthusiast, or simply in search of a unique adventure, the Historic Pabst Brewery is a great place to spend the afternoon in Milwaukee.

The Historic Pabst Brewery 917 W Juneau Ave


Company Brewing

Company brewing is far more than a brewery, it combines a restaurant, a live music venue, and an event space to make this place the heart and soul of Milwaukee’s Riverwest neighborhood. 

The beer menu at Company Brewing takes a creative edge. One of their fan favorites is the “Pomp and Pamplemousse,” a double IPA with grapefruit, reflecting a blend of traditional brewing with a twist of modern flavors. The brewery aims to have 10-12 different styles of beer on tap at any given time, ensuring that there’s always something new and exciting for people to try.

Food-wise, Company Brewing steps away from typical bar fare, focusing instead on quality and nourishing dishes. The menu includes a variety of options, from sausages and charcuterie to a range of fish, vegetable, and meat dishes. The emphasis is on sustainable, nose-to-tail cooking,.

Company Brewing also honors its location’s history as a music venue, having hosted notable bands in the past. It continues this tradition by featuring live music, contributing to the vibrant atmosphere of the place.

Company Brewing 735 E Center St

Vennture Brew Co.

Vennture Brew Co. combines the worlds of craft coffee and beer. Founded in July 2018 by a trio of photographers with a shared passion for both beverages, the company has quickly made a name for itself in the Milwaukee brewery scene.

Vennture is known for its flagship beer “The Heights,” a saison named after the neighborhood where the brewery is located. This saison has been a staple since the shop opened. They also experiment with integrating coffee into their beer selections, like in their Berliner Weisse “Bruv,” which can be served with homemade cascara syrup, and “Critical Adjustment with Coffee,” a tropical stout made with rum barrel-aged Brazilian coffee.

Among their popular selections are “Tier 5,” a New England/Hazy IPA, “Super Dope,” another Hazy IPA known for its use of Citra and Mosaic hops, and “Bandshell Beer,” a Pale Ale – New England/Hazy variety. For those who prefer darker brews, “The Night Crew – Apple Brandy,” an Imperial/Double Stout, and “Gregory’s Cousin,” a Milk/Sweet Stout, are standout options. They also feature a unique Sour IPA called “Cat Shirts” and a classic “Oktoberfest” Märzen. 

Vennture Brew Co 5519 W North Ave

Third Space Brewing

Founded by two friends who shared a passion for beer and a vision for creating a communal space, the brewery emphasizes the concept of “third space” – a place beyond home and work where people can gather and enjoy quality time. Known for its wide variety of craft beers,

Third Space Brewing combines traditional brewing methods with innovative techniques, producing a range of flavors that cater to different tastes. 

They offer a diverse range of beers, catering to various tastes and preferences. Their core beers include “Happy Place,” a Midwest Pale Ale with citrus and berry flavors, and “Heavenly Haze,” a Hazy IPA packed with juicy fruit flavors. “Smile” is a light-bodied, refreshing ale with grapefruit and orange aromas.

They also offer “Nice Day IPA,” a Juicy IPA with tropical and grapefruit notes, and “Frog Weiss,” a fruited sour with fig, raspberry, orange, and ginger. “Upward Spiral” is a West Coast style IPA, while “Unite the Clans” is a Scottish ale with roasty and malty flavors. Additionally, they have seasonal offerings like their Oktoberfest Marzen-Style Lager.

For beer enthusiasts looking for something unique, Third Space Brewing also features a Beers About Nothing Series for innovative brews and a Barrel-Aged Beers series for rare, spirit barrel-aged creations. 

Third Space Brewing 1505 W St Paul Ave

If nine breweries aren’t enough to suffice on your trip to Milwaukee, other honorable mentions go to, Broken Bat Brewing Co., City Lights Brewing Co., Dead Bird Brewing Company, Torzala Brewing Co., and Hacienda Taproom & Kitchen.

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