Aesthetic Hotels in Portugal for Conscious Travelers

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One of the key founding values of Maia is that living consciously doesn’t mean that you have to compromise beauty or design.

These Aesthetic hotels in Portugal are the perfect example of this ethos. Their beautiful designs play off of the breathtaking natural beauty of their surroundings, evoking a sense of mindfulness in their guests, and of course, making for a beautiful escape for conscious travelers. 

If you’re wondering what constitutes as sustainable accommodation, check out the Conscious Travelers Guide to Sustainable Accommodation

White Azores (São Miguel)

Aesthetic Hotels Portugal

With nine suits and two stunning villas, White is a hotel not to be missed if you’re headed to the Azores’ São Miguel Island.

This unique boutique hotel is perched on rugged cliffs in an 18th-century manor. It’s a luxurious experience with the perfect laid-back Portuguese flair.

The hotel has a strong relationship with its natural surroundings and has created a farm that sustains White’s in-house restaurant.

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Areias do Seixo (Torres Vedras)

Portugal Hotels

A serene escape less than an hour from Lisbon, Areias do Seixo is a conscious traveler’s dream hotel. From the white sandy beaches on and cliffy coastline and the organic vegetable garden to the evening fire circles and yoga classes their endless activities to enjoy. 

Not to mention each room has its own unique interiors– it’s the perfect place to disconnect from everyday life and reconnect with yourself and the earth around you. 

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Sao Lourenco do Barrocal (Monte)

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This 7.8 million square meter estate is a hidden gem in the ancient farming village of Monte, that has been family-run for over 2 centuries.

While you can work on the farm while you’re there, you definitely won’t have to compromise on comfort. The estate’s rooms are furnished with the utmost attention to detail. 

The estate has everything you need for a retreat from city life, vineyards, olive groves, oak trees, and a wine cellar, to a farm-to-table restaurant, and a complete wellness spa. 

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Casa Modesta (Algarve)

Casa Modesta is a rural retreat with contemporary design. The family home opened its doors to tourism at the whim of the clan’s grandfather, known as “the champ.” Today it’s a 9-bedroom villa that is in the heart of Rio Formosa Natural Park. 

A stay at Casa Modesta will encourage you to embrace the slow way of living. Take time to feel the sand between your toes, gather and dry fruit, and bake bread. When night falls, enjoy the night sky filled with constellations, and of course, indulge in the organic foods of the land.

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Silent Living

Silent Living is a collection of homes that have been transformed into simple yet gorgeous vacation “casas” for conscious travelers. Each home was originally a family residence and transformed into something spectacular.

With the idea of preserving the memories that each household, and embracing the importance of welcoming guests to your home in Portuguese culture, they have been restored and turned into holiday homes. 

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Casas na Areia Comporta

Minimalist design merges with nature at Casas na Areia. A seaside retreat with four beach houses with sand floors and thatcher walls.

Located in Portugal’s dreamy Comporta region, the project aimed to turn the family’s holiday home into a way to preserve the cultural heritage of the structures while making them relevant today.

Santa Clara 1728 (Lisbon)

In Lisbon’s cultural quarter you’ll find the architecturally stunning six-bedroom retreat, Santa Clara 1728.  The 18th-century building is in one of the most romantic squares in all of Lisbon, and the beauty continues in the home’s refined interiors that are flushed with natural light.

The apartment has a tranquil garden, making this the perfect place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

Casa No Tempo (Alentejo)

This impressive farm retreat was the home of the grandfather, who left it with one wish: That it be taken care of for the next generations to enjoy.

It boasts an impressive minimalist design that fits perfectly with the natural surroundings in the Alentejo region of Portugal.

The windows and patio were designed to maximize the expansive view of the surroundings, allowing guests to be sheltered indoors while feeling the freedom of the open land. 

Cabanas No Rio (Comporta)

Two huts sit serenely on the banks of the Sado River. They’re a romantic hideaway made for embracing the simpler things in life. Without excess, staying at the Cabanas will clear your mind from the stimulants of contemporary life. 

With folding wooden doors that open up and let you see the endless vistas without leaving the bed, it’s a stay that allows you to feel one with nature, reminding you that you are a part of something much larger than everyday life. 

Casa Na Terra (Alentejo)

This house is barely visible if you don’t know that it’s there. Its stunning architecture is a spectacular conversation between the building and the earth.

From one viewpoint you feel as if the house is emerging from the land, and from another, it seems to melt into the horizon. 

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