12 Online Vintage Stores You NEED to Know About

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If digging through piles of clothes at your local thrift store isn’t exactly your jam, don’t fret— the wave of online vintage stores that have taken over the internet and Instagram over the past couple of years has you covered.

You can get killer vintage pieces, from luxury designer pieces or preloved knitwear to top-of-the-line couture, all from the comfort of your couch. Now I’m not going to list the big ones (i.e. The RealReal, Depop, or Vestiere Collective) because what fun would that be? These are the lesser-known, but highly stylish, vintage stores that have caught my attention and stolen my heart.

Deux Birds

If I didn’t know better, I’d think that the quote “style is forever” was originally said about Deux Birds. The collection of everyday and luxury vintage is elegant, timeless, and minimal. Each piece on this online vintage clothing store is curated considering the quality of composition, endurance of style, and ease of wear. The pieces sell out QUICK, so take note of when their next drops.

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Menabòh sells vintage, upcycled, and independent designer goods online on their Menabòh Market. Better yet, you can get a mystery box of garments that is styled for you based on a moldboard that you make.

Explore Menabòh

Goodshop Badshop

Goodshop Badshop is an online vintage shop from Minnesota. Now if you’re thinking that the midwest doesn’t have style, Goodshop Badshop will change your mind real quick. The founder, Lilly Ball, handpicks each piece with a focus on natural materials (think linen, wool, cotton, etc.). From the perfect cozy cable knit sweater to perfectly worn-in leather jackets, this online thrift shop has all the goods.

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Imparfait was almost too popular to add to this list, but I couldn’t resist. It’s the epitome of french girl style— think the perfect feminine sweater, understated yet sexy dresses, and jeans that hug you just right. Just add red lipstick and you’ll have the it-girl look.

Shop Imparfait

Lucia Zolea

Feminine and soft are the words that come to mind when I think of Lucia Zolea. This vintage clothing store has become somewhat of a cult classic for online vintage stores. Their perfectly curated collection is filled with beautiful vintage lace, cozy knits, and sheer materials.

Explore Lucia Zolea

Na Nin

Na Nin has staked its place as one of the best online vintage stores. It started in 2009 and has expanded into making its own hand-poured fragrances. The vintage collection is filled with perfectly worn-in leather jackets, accessories, and pleated pants.

Explore Na Nin

Adored Vintage

If you’re looking for cottage core Adored Vintage is the online thrift shop for you. Think tiered ruffled dresses, frock-style tops, and ribbon-tied corsets. Be warned you’ll have a strong urge to run through a field of wildflowers after ordering something from Adored.

Explore Adored

Stellar Vintique

Stellar Vintique is my go-to online thrift store for the perfect pair of vintage pants or silk tops. Their prices are extremely fair for the quality of garments that you get. They always have a great selection, with some unique pieces mixed in, think kimono-inspired jackets, snakeskin pants, or silk trousers.

Explore Stellar Vintique

Elia Vintage

Whoever said you can’t be on-trend and shop vintage clearly didn’t know about Elia Vintage. This online vintage store has an incredible selection of garments that fit exactly what’s in at the moment. If you’re looking for something sexy to wear for an evening out or an outfit that will have people stopping you on the street to ask, “where’d you get that top?” Elia is your spot.

Explore Elia Vintage

Souvenir Vintage

If Alexa Chung is your style icon, Souvenier’s online vintage store will have you swooning over their style. Think, pussy bow-tied blouses, bohemian suede vests, and structured blazers. It’s that easy-to-wear European style that always makes you look chic and ready for whatever the day brings.

Explore Souvenir Vintage


If you’re on the hunt for a vintage designer piece that exudes high-fashion vibes, look no further than Desert Vintage. You’ll find the likes of Chanel, YsL, and Issey Miyake. They have two physical vintage stores in the US, in Tusan and NYC. However, their online vintage shop is equally as exciting because it’s perfectly curated and visually gorgeous. Making for a fun browsing experience, even if you can’t afford the high price tag.

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Jerome Vintage

Jerome vintage is based out of Copenhagen so naturally, it has that cool without trying too hard Scandinavian style. The online vintage collection is mostly stocked with luxury designers, everything feels super fresh and perfectly in line with what’s on trend. You’ll need to be quick if you want to snag something from the shop because it sells out almost instantly during their drops.

Explore Jerome

Shrimpton Couture

The Couture fashion world isn’t always the easiest to access, but Shrimpton is an online vintage store that’s changing things up. Selling exquisite vintage couture pieces online. I love browsing the collection to get inspired and fall in love with fashion all over again. They’re super knowledgeable about fashion history so it’s a fun shopping (or window shopping) experience.

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