Gift Ideas For the Conscious Traveler That Aren’t Basic

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On every gift-giving list, there’s always a travel lover. The friend or family member that never seems to be in town. The person that can keep you entertained for hours with travel stories and shares travel photos for you to live vicariously through— but what kind of gift do you get a travel lover that isn’t cliche?

As someone who loves to travel and has a fair share of people in my life who also love to travel, I have seen some pretty great gifts over the years. I’ve broken it down into two sections: Experience gift ideas for Travel lovers and product-based gift ideas for the travel lover in your life. All of which are far from “basic” and that any travel lover would be ecstatic to be gifted.

Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission if you purchase from a linked item. With that being said, I only promote products and services I truly back.

Experience Gift ideas for travel lovers

I love an experienced-based gift firstly because it’s more conscious than buying someone an object they don’t need, and secondly, when I am traveling I already have enough stuff to lug around. Plus it’s the kind of gift that keeps on giving, they get excited when they get it, then again when they experience and of course, it’ll live on in their memories forever.

Priority Pass

One of the easiest gift ideas for a travel lover is getting them a priority pass that allows them to access the special airport lounges all over the world. The next time they have a long layover or unexpected delay, they’ll be thinking of you as they sip their free cocktails from the lounge.

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Airbnb Giftcard

Some of my most fond memories of my travels happened while staying in Airbnbs. I love it because it’s a more “local” experience than staying in a hotel— plus if you’re lucky the host will give you all the insider tips about the city.

There is also the “Airbnb Experiences” that you can use an Airbnb gift card on— from city tours, classes on the local artisanal crafts, or even learning to cook. The experiences on Airbnb can add so much value and fun to any trip.

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National Park Pass

If the traveler on your gift list is an adventure seeker think about giving them a National Park Pass. The pass covers all the National Parks (There are way more than just the big ones) for just $80. This way they can use the pass all year giving them an excuse to explore the great outdoors. Every time they step foot in a new park they’ll be reminded of what a thoughtful gift it was to get a pass to the National Parks.

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Try the World Subscription

If there’s a traveler on your list that isn’t going to be able to travel for a while, you can bring the world to them through the “Try the World” Subscription. Which is a subscription box that includes a curated selection of gourmet foods. One month they could be cooking tapas from Spain paired with a Tempranillo wine, and then next Swedish meatballs. You can send them 1 month, 3, 4 or the whole year.

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A Wellness Retreat

Wellness travel is one of the hottest types of travel at the moment. With retreats popping up everywhere I can bet my last dollar that if you’ve got a travel lover on your list, they’d be extremely happy to be gifted a wellness trip. There are so many different kinds of wellness travel retreats from spiritual and yoga retreats to spa and nature-based getaways. You can always get them a gift card to a retreat service provider if you don’t want to take the liberty of deciding which type of retreat is for them.

Product-Based Gift Ideas for The Conscious Traveler

While I’ve made it no secret that I think experience gifts are the way to go, sometimes you do need a couple of little stocking stuffers to round out the gift. These are my favorite gift ideas for travelers that are both useful and eco-conscious. Whether or not the person on your list is a conscious traveler, they will appreciate these items:

Kindle or another e-reader

I never thought I would be an advocate for a reading tablet because I love everything about physical books, from going to the bookstore, to the smell of the paper. However, when traveling lugging around books is not ideal. This is what ultimately made me switch to a Kindle. It’s a great gift for a travel lover because they can bring their entire library with them without having the weight or bulk of books.

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Rimowa Suitcase

A Rimowa suitcase is a gift that any traveler would love to find under the Christmas tree. The high-quality suitcase is made to last— and the company even offers a lifetime guarantee on their products. Any conscious traveler knows that keeping your travel items for as long as possible is the first step to becoming a responsible traveler.

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Stasher Bags

At first glance you might be thinking “um… silicone baggies, really?” but these are my go-to for flying. I put all my liquids in my carry-on in a stasher bag, it works great because I don’t have to use a single-use plastic bag and I don’t worry about the plastic bag ripping halfway through my trip leaving me with nothing to put my liquids in for the return flight.

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Self-Filtering Water Bottle

The self-filtering water bottle is one of the absolute best travel-inspired gifts. If the traveler you’re buying a gift for ventures to parts of the world where tap water is undrinkable they’ll know the pain of waking up in the morning realizing there’s no bottled water left— not a nice feeling. When you have a filtering bottle you can drink water almost anywhere. Plus, it saves having to use tons of plastic bottles and paying astronomical prices for water at the airport.

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Foldable Bag

A foldable bag might just be the most underrated travel item to date. Even conscious travelers tend to pick up souvenirs along the way during their travels. Somehow the bag that you’ve traveled with no longer fits everything— when you have a pop-out tote you can simply place all your goodies in there and carry it on the airlines with you home. Plus it comes in handy during day trips when you don’t want to carry a huge bag with you, but need something smaller.

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Other Gift ideas for a Conscious Traveler:

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